Dollars to Donuts: 5 Ways to Save Through Better Labeling

If done wisely, an investment in a labeling system can be highly satisfying. It can feel every bit as gratifying as that crisp Ben Franklin in your billfold, mouthwatering like the chocolate in the center of a Krispy Kreme. Its increased efficiency, consistency, and throughput can be translated into real dollars and cents. You can take it to the bank, wash it down with coffee, toss it in the middle of the table at a boardroom meeting. Everyone loves you for it.

Here are 5 ways to save and earn more value from your labeling systems.

1. Maximize efficiency & minimize production costs through better custom design.

Most production facilities invest in an automatic label applicator to increase efficiency. It’s the most obvious benefit to labeling automation. The magnitude of potential savings performance exponentially multiplies.

Say the new system labels 100 products a minute, 6,000 products every hour. Calculate the manual cost by the metric of hourly wage per employee required to do it by hand and compare. That’s a very substantial cost difference quantified by lightning fast math.

One way to optimize labor efficiency is to design the labeling machine to the unique dimensions of the product. Rather than using a generic system, custom build the setup to address your unique challenges. The optimization potential multiplies in the details.


2. Boost throughput to optimize order fulfillment.

Naturally, increased efficiency enables you to do more. By magnifying labeling capabilities, production significantly escalates, and with it, your capacity to process sales.

We’ve seen manufacturers double, triple or quadruple their production rates as labeling becomes abundantly agile. They can quote larger and more valuable opportunities and accept more projects. They simply get more product boxed, labeled, and shipped. You’ll be able to fulfill more orders than you ever thought possible.


3. Implement quality control to deliver consistency & avoid fines.


An automatic labeling system also minimizes rework costs incurred from manual application. Sure, your people may be great, but they’re only human. Mistakes, irregular label placement and missed applications are going to happen. And like a state trooper filling quotas at the end of the month, the big box stores will fine you for every single one that slips through.

But with increased speed comes intensified risk. Amplified throughput is awesome, but if quality control is not central to the design, chaos can become a viral disaster. In just five critical minutes, you might end up with 500 products that need to be relabeled, or outright trashed if the adhesive proves too sticky for reapplication.

Scanners can be integrated to provide agile warning systems to ID and remove faulty labeled products, halting production until the error is addressed.


4. Develop user-friendly designs to optimize use & improve morale.


What is one of the most significant factors that affect the savings and production capacity a labeling center can deliver? It’s simple, user-friendly design.

Make the lives of your operators easier, and you’ll save time and money through better efficiency. Through an easy to use design, a custom solution can be tweaked to be simpler to manage and repair. You’ll have less downtime, fewer training issues, and an intrinsic understanding of how to best optimize the system to boost production.

Most importantly, your people will love the machine and actually use it. They’ll hang pictures of their kids on it. They’ll make sure it stays online and runs properly because it makes their job so much easier to do.



5. Harness data to provide insight & control.


More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. That’s nearly 40 quadrillion iPhone 8s, about 40 trillion times the 100 billion neurons swirling around in your brain as you read this sentence.

Does your head hurt yet?

But all that data can be extremely valuable to businesses as they cut costs and discover new opportunities for innovation and disruption.

In an age of supply chain logistics, product traceability, and the farm to table movement, data has never been more critical to labeling. You need to know where every product has been and where it is being shipped on an intrinsically detailed level. This can prove critical not only to product recalls but in optimizing every aspect of your business to work more intelligently to maximize the bottom line.


Better Labeling You Can Bank On

Like much in life, you get out of label application what you put in. A labeling system is not an out of the box solution, but one that must be tweaked to work for you and drive your business to success. Through more efficient production, increased throughput, and accessible insight driven by data, you will actualize greater potential from your labeling investment.

That’s success you can take to the bank, cash into cold hard dollars so crisp the bills still stick together.



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