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3 Major Benefits of a Well-Designed Labeling System

Think about all the times you’ve had to operate a new piece of equipment but struggled to understand it at first (like the days of the first VCRs, DVD players, smartphones, etc).

Over-engineering often adds to the challenges. And this is especially the case when related to new and sophisticated technologies like high-resolution label printers and high-speed automatic labeling machines. Don’t make that mistake with your facility’s labeling systems

Well-engineered labeling equipment should create solutions — not exacerbate stress. Keeping the design of automatic labeling machines relatively simple and user-friendly will give you a seamless, pain-free experience and potentially boost your ROI.

Labeling System Benefit #1: Mindful Simplicity

We’re not arguing against an intelligent labeling system. On the contrary, we’re simply stating that a well-designed system should also be easy to use. As Steve Jobs would say, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” A labeling system is no different.

With proper training, you should understand how to operate the labeler instinctively. The features should be straightforward to enhance ease of use. In fact, well-designed labeling equipment should help streamline your process and result in a smooth flow of productivity. From product handling to technical support, your goal is to maximize efficiency.

A labeling system that is overly complex often means that the engineers have never been operators or — most importantly — never considered the operator’s perspective. If a labeler requires endless hours of training to master operation and maintenance, it’s likely a headache waiting to happen.

Ultimately, your labeling system should be designed to make the operator’s job easier. Also, if operators don’t intimately understand the system, they may not be equipped to properly maintain it — and that’s when things can go downhill fast. (Ever try relabeling 3,000 bottles of wine because of a faulty semi-automatic printer-applicator no one bothered to service?) 

A lack of understanding can result in major missteps, which can severely affect the bottom line.

Labeling System Benefit #2: Operator Buy-In

The truth is, high-quality engineering doesn’t really have to be complex — merely intuitive and effective. Often, all it takes is a modest tweak —  perhaps a few lines of essential code to reposition a critical button, or adjusting the alignment of a conveyor to save the operator’s bad back.

Simple fixes can make a world of difference when it comes to label applicators.

Your operators need to understand your labeling solutions front to back. Understanding every aspect ensures it’s running at peak performance. If your people invested in the entire labeling system, they’re also invested in your business’s success.

Easy-To-Use Automatic Labeling Equipment

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Your operator already has plenty to do without also needing to micromanage an automatic labeling machine that’s inherently complicated to use.

According to one Consumer Electronics Association poll, 87% of respondents said ease of use was the most important thing they look for when trying new technology. “Engineers say, ‘Do you know how much complexity we’ve managed to build in here?’ But consumers say, ‘I don’t care. It’s just supposed to work!’” says Daryl Plummer, group vice president at Gartner Group.

The Importance of User-Friendly Label Applicator Design

Google’s assistant and its home screen is a prime example. It’s iconically simple and intuitive. And yet, its simplicity provides a virtual portal for the entire universe of the web.

A perfectly designed printer-applicator should work the same way. It’s engineered to be simple to use — yet underneath, it integrates robust engineering to overcome any potential challenge. 

Labeling System Benefit #3: Versatility

Due to the extensive diversity in today’s products, packaging, and marketing, a single labeling system needs to address a variety of obstacles. 

This versatility calls for a highly focused engineering process where every detail is considered for purpose and functionality. If your labeling equipment can’t effectively meet the demands of your business, you could be missing out on opportunities, as well as sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

However, at the end of the day, all those gears need to collaboratively turn like clockwork. The best labeling equipment works so well that it’s an afterthought in the process. You hardly even notice it’s there!

Your Guide To Stress-Free Labeling Solutions

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