The Instinct of Simplicity ﹘ Benefits of User Friendly Labeling

Remember the ‘80s, when you practically needed a PhD in computer science to program a VCR?

Hindsight’s 20/20. How many  Monday night football games did you miss videotaping because it was just too complicated?  Over-engineering can be a big problem. Don’t make the same mistake with your labeling systems. Avoid outdated labeling designs

A well-engineered machine should solve headaches — not exacerbate stress. Keep the design for your labeler simple and user-friendly. Make it too complicated, and YOU’LL MISS OUT on a seamless, pain-free labeling experience.

Mindful Simplicity & Great Design

We’re not arguing against smart design. On the contrary, we’re only stating that well-designed labeling systems are also highly intuitive and simple to use. With the right training, you understand how to operate the system instinctively. The features are easy to use, make sense, and streamline work processes into a smooth flow of efficient productivity.

Just because a system is so complex that nobody knows how to use it doesn’t mean your engineers are certified geniuses. It may mean they’ve never been operators or most importantly never considered the operator’s point of view.

Because at the end of the day, your labeling system should ultimately be designed to make your operator’s job easier. After all, if operators don’t absolutely love a system, they won’t take care of it — and that’s when things go haywire fast. Ever try relabeling 3,000 bottles of wine because of an applicator nobody bothered to service because they hated it? By that point, you might as well just cut your losses.

How Subtle Changes Can Make a World of Difference

The truth is beautiful engineering doesn’t really have to be all that complex — merely intuitively instinctive. So often, all it takes is a modest tweak —  say a few lines of efficient but essential code to reposition a critical button to the home screen, or adjusting the alignment of a conveyor to save the operator’s bad back.

absolutely love your labeling machineThat really can make all the difference in the world.

Because you want your operators to absolutely love your labeling machine. You want them to hang pictures of their kids on it, care for it like a rare ‘62 Thunderbird in mint condition. You want your people invested in the entire labeling system that way they’re also invested in your success.


Like the Eagles Say: “Take it easy.”

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Your operator already has plenty to do without also needing to micromanage a label applicator that’s inherently too complicated to use. And so do you.

According to one Consumer Electronics Association poll, 87% of respondents said ease of use was the most important thing they look for when trying new technology. “Engineers say, ‘Do you know how much complexity we’ve managed to build in here?’ But consumers say, ‘I don’t care. It’s just supposed to work!’” says Daryl Plummer, group vice president at Gartner Group.


OK Google: State of the Art User Friendliness

Google’s home screen is a perfect example. It’s iconically simple, cleanly intuitive, stripped down to the bare bones. And yet its tidy simplicity provides a virtual portal for the entire universe of the web.

A perfectly designed labeling system works the same way. It is engineered to be simple to use in the cockpit — yet underneath contains robust engineering to overcome every potential labeling challenge.


A Beautifully designed labeling system with simple engineering


Set It, Forget It Get Back to Work

Because of the eclectic variety of today’s products, packaging, and marketing, a single labeler needs to be able to handle versatile challenges. This calls for a highly engineered design process where every detail is considered for functionality and purpose.

Yet at the end of the day, all those gears of complexity need to collaboratively turn like seamless clockwork perfect, intuitive, easy to use like a baby’s rhythmic breath. The best labeling works so well you don’t ever have to think about it. You hardly notice it’s even there.


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