No matter the situation that you find yourself or your business in, CTM Labeling Systems offers a wide range of solutions to fit your needs. Our print and apply labeling systems are perfect for those that are in need of a machine that will increase efficiency and improve work processes.

Our print and apply solutions each offer their own unique features to suit your needs. Some of which include:

• Configurable to use printer modules from leading label printer manufacturers Sato and Zebra.

• Mount print module to various positions to apply labels in a variety of angles.

• Print in various DPI resolutions from 203 to 609

Regardless of the application required for your operations, CTM Labeling Systems has the right print and apply labeling solution for you.

When you’re determining what’s the right print and apply system for your needs, consider the benefits and features of each model

360a Series Integrated Loose Loop

The 360a Model Y Integrated print and apply labeler offers a unique loose loop design that allows for an the entire applicator to be mounted on a single u-arm.

3600 Series Servo Tamp (ST) Printer Applicator

For those that require a heavy-duty print and apply labeling solution, the 3600ST is designed with that in mind. Its construction is made to last, and it’s available for both tamp blow and all electric tamp applications.

3600a-PA Series Dual Action Tamp (DAT) Printer Applicator

Whether you need a single panel or two panel label for your packaging, the 3600a-PA DAT is capable of providing the adequate solution for your needs. Each machine can be programmed to both print and apply single or dual panel label applications for any carton, case or pallet that requires ancillary information.

3600a-PA Series Label Printer Applicator

For an incredibly versatile solution for your business, the 3600a-PA Series print and apply labeler allows for labels up to 7.1 inches wide and print DPI resolutions of 205, 305 and 600. Each 3600a-PA is equipped with a user friendly display interface that provide quick and easy access to set up application operating parameters.

3600a-PA Series Corner Wrap Printer Applicator

This configured 3600a-PA print and apply label applicator takes the standard 3600a-PA Series model and adjusts the labeler swing arm to allow corner wrapping on various packages such as cartons and cases.

CTM Labeling Systems is the industry leader in providing high-quality, durable print and apply labeling solutions. Back by excellent customer support, each applicator is guaranteed to satisfy. Learn more about each of our products and submit a request for more information and we’ll be in touch shortly.