Semi-automatic label application is an excellent entry point into the world of automation for your supply chain. The type of application is an economical solution for businesses looking to streamline their labeling process.

Semi-automatic label applicators apply labels on containers that are already lined up. The machine can be hand-loaded for small product batches or integrated into your existing production line for fast labeling. The label is applied when triggered by a switch operated by a worker or a connected machine. No matter what you need to label, we have the right label application solution for you. Not only do semi automatic labeling machines provide an economical solution for businesses, they are also built just like the rest of labeling machines.

Semi-automatic labelers are typically utilized for one type of container, no matter the shape, and applicator models are available for specific containers, like wine bottles, cosmetic containers and even shipping boxes. These machines are usually designed to apply one label per container. While application rates vary, semi-automatic labeling applicators are known to reach speeds of 1800 labels per hour.

No matter the machine you need for your business, know that CTM Labeling has the solution. All of our label applicators are made with stainless steel and anodized aluminum to ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our customer service is second to none, and we are driven to deliver a smooth, seamless transition from manual to automated labeling. We can conduct an onsite visit, aid in installation and ensure that you receive the support needed to get your facility running at full speed.

Tabletop Vial Wrap Custom Labeling System

Our Tabletop Vial Wrap Semi-Automatic Labeling System is made specifically with bottles and vials in mind. Products are manually loaded onto an infeed that pushes the product along for accurate label application.

Each bottle spins in place as the label is applied, and different bottle sizes can be used by switching out the star wheel.

Work with the industry leader in efficient, quality label application systems. Backed by excellent customer support, out semi-automatic label applicators are made to ease production workflow and improve efficiency. To learn more about our wide variety of labeling solutions, simply submit a request for more information and we’ll be in touch!