CTM Labeling Systems leads the industry in providing high performing, quality label applicators for your business and need. Our company prides itself in providing great customer support, local manufacturing and excellent design for those looking for an automatic label applicator machine.

The labeling applicators we supply each have their own unique features to fit your needs. Some features include:

• Servo motor that will dispense upwards of 3000 inches per minute of dispense speed.

• “Auto-teach” label set-up using state-of-the-art technology to help improve work processes.

• Adjustable labeling point from 18 inches to 30 inches

When you’re trying to find the right label applicator for your business, consider the benefits and suitabilities of each model.

360a Series Model Y Label Applicator

For those looking for an all-purpose solution for your needs, the 360a Model Y Label Applicator is the evolution of the industry standard 360 Series. No matter the type of applicator you need, the 360a Model Y is extremely versatile with the ability to configure the label applicator as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator. The design of the applicator is ambidextrous, allowing you to quickly and easily switch hands with little to no change.

360a Series High Speed Labeler

Like the 360a Series Label Applicator, the High Speed Labeler is configurable in three options: merge, blow-on or tamp-blow. What separates the 360a High Speed applicator apart is its high-end dual microprocessor control. The application program is run by a single 32-bit processor while a digital signal processor overlooks the motion loop to increase response times and improve application accuracy. Where other applicators may offer various options, the 360a High Speed has them all as standard features. For the business in need of a heavy-duty, versatile and impeccably accurate applicator, the 360a High Speed Labeler allows for no substitutions.

360a Series FFS Form, Fill and Seal Labeler

For businesses that need an incredibly versatile applicator, the 360a FFS is the perfect solutions. The 360a Form, Fill and Seal applicator is made to handle a wide variety of applications, including those that allow limited space for the label applicator. What makes the 360a FFS unique is the adjustable snorkel that can change the labeling point anywhere from 18 inches to 30 inches. Due to its compact size, the machine is perfect for those products that require label applications in areas that would be difficult to reach when using a standard labeling applicator. Because the applicator is so versatile, you can still utilize the same assembly without worrying about moving or adjusting the applicator much.

CTM Labeling Systems prides itself in providing quality label applicators coupled with industry-leading customer support. Learn more about each of our products and submit a request for more information and we’ll be in touch shortly.