At CTM Labeling Systems, not only do we manufacture both standard and print and apply labelers, but we also build custom-designed and manufactured labeling systems from the ground up.

From the design and engineering phase of each project through final system set-up and quality control, exceptional expertise and craftsmanship at every level forge the finest label applicator systems available on the market.

Our labeling systems can be customized and configured to fit the needs of a variety of facilities that use products like the following items:

  • Bottles
  • Wine
  • Food Packaging
  • Pail Buckets

When determining what custom-designed labeling system is right for your business, consider the benefits of each model.

Front/Back/Wrap Labeling System

The Front/Back/Wrap Labeling System by CTM was custom-designed for facilities that needed several points of label application. This label applicator system is designed for both front-and-back and wrap labeling applications – As your product moves along the conveyor, this system allows for seamless label application to several sides of the product.

Tabletop Vial Wrap Custom Labeling System

Our Tabletop Vial Wrap Labeling System has been custom-built specifically for use with rounded products such as bottles and vials. Products are manually loaded onto an infeed that pushes the product along for accurate label application.

Bottle Labeling Machine – Vertical Trunnion Roller

Originally designed for a top shelf bourbon bottle, CTM’s Bottle Labeling Machine is a multi-point label applicator system that utilizes a vertical trunnion roller to provide five points of label application. This label applicator setup is designed to keep up with your demands and ensure that you’re consistently running at peak operational efficiency.

Wine Bottle Label Applicator

Specifically designed and built with the demands of the wine industry in mind, our Wine Bottle Labeler is perfect for curved glass bottles. Heavy-duty construction and a secure conveyor allow the bottles to move through the line efficiently for fast label application.

Pail Labeler

CTM’s custom-built Pail Labeler is made with industrial production environments in mind. This custom-designed labeling system uses sturdy and durable materials that are designed to handle pail label application in more demanding scenarios.

360a Series Wrap System (WR)

Our 360a Series Wrap System (WR) was designed to be a cost-effective, low-volume and low-entry solution for facilities that handle rounded products. This custom labeling system is capable of being configured to fit the needs of a variety of businesses and industries.

360a Series Top Bottom Split Conveyor Labeling System

For products that have points of label application along the top and bottom, our Top Bottom Split Conveyor Labeling System is specially built to handle simultaneous application for efficient workload handling.

At CTM Labeling, we pride ourselves in providing label application systems that meet your needs and ensure peak performance, whether they are standard labeling systems or custom-designed.

Call and speak to one of our team members at 330-332-1800 – We are happy to answer any questions you have in regard to finding the optimal solution for your labeling needs.