ways to get the most out of your labeling machine manufacturer

Why Waste Potential? Get The Most Out Of Your Labeling Machine Manufacturer

How much value are you getting from your labeling machine manufacturer? Sure, your automatic labeler puts labels on your boxes and merchandise when it’s up and running, but that’s the whole point of using high-speed labeling equipment in the first place! It SHOULD take care of your labeling needs so that you can keep your focus on the key business components.

But a labeling machine manufacturer provides much more than just a label applicator for your business. In fact, the right labeling system can provide flexibility in regard to various application types – accommodating multiple product lines, shapes and label sizes – and ultimately transform your production capabilities and increase ROI.

So, let’s find out how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your label applicator.

A Labeling System Manufacturer Survey Is Critical 

Optimizing your labeling system comes down to a Label Vendor Site Survey (also known as Labeling System Manufacturer Survey or Labeling System Site Survey), because if your vendor doesn’t know your labeling needs, how in the world can they provide the best solution?

Chances are, your business is merely scratching the surface of its potential, and it’s likely that you’re missing out on elements of a labeling machine that translate into real dollars and cents.

A Site Survey provides your labeling machine manufacturer with everything they need to give you optimal service and create a label applicator that’s right for your business. The world of automatic labeling machines has become increasingly competitive, so if you’re not getting high-quality labeling to meet your needs, you’re flushing potential revenue down the drain.

Here are some topics your labeling system manufacturer should be addressing, and what you need to be considering. (Plus, we’ll even provide you with questions to ask a labeling machine manufacturer. Pro Tip: If they can’t provide answers, it may be time to shop for a better solution!)

Questions A Labeling Machine Manufacturer Should Ask – Sales And Production 

The first questions your labeling machine manufacturer should ask relate to the basics of your business. The answers are pieces of essential information that hold your business together and often define your greatest needs. 

  • What are your sales goals and production needs?
  • Where do you need to place the label on your package, and how often does that change down a single packaging line?
  • What label size do you need, and how varied does that size need to be for a variety of products?
  • Are you utilizing an unconventional or custom packaging design?
  • What’s your budget and scope for a specific project?

Labeler And Production Line Pain Points – Customer Concerns

Now that the conversation’s rolling, your labeling machine manufacturer should be digging into the pain points that were flushed out:

  • What are your labeling challenges and frustrations?
  • What are your system automation roadblocks?
  • What are your customers’ biggest concerns?

Don’t hold back. Now’s not the time to be timid! Let them have it. 

These labeling issues that cause never-ending frustration are exactly what your labeling machine manufacturer should be trying to problem solve. And if they aren’t, they likely don’t know how to provide a viable solution. If that’s the case, it’s time to find a labeling machine manufacturer who will.

Planning A Labeling System For Today and Tomorrow

Now’s the time to review your business plan for the future. What do you see trending in the next six months to a year (or even further down the line)?

Can your labeling system readily adapt (or even anticipate) what’s coming next? Will you need to add barcodes to products or be able to ramp up production with your existing bottle labeling machine when demand increases? If you can’t keep up, let’s face it: you’re going to be left behind.

  • What additional automation might you need for production? Are you currently using a semi-automatic system when a fully automatic labeling system would be a better fit?
  • What level of intricacy and control will you require for future labeling?
  • What enhanced labeling technologies, such as print & apply or linerless labels, do you anticipate needing?
  • What additional labeling machine solutions do you think will be necessary down the line? 

How Can Your Labeler Be Improved?

What can your labeling machine manufacturer do better? (Because we can all improve with some constructive criticism.) If your provider doesn’t know what they are missing, how can they possibly fill in the gap?

Give feedback on how well (or how poorly) your current solution is working.

  • How can your provider better streamline communication?
  • How can they be more supportive and hands-on?
  • How can they better serve your needs?
  • Where can they be more cost-competitive? 

Is Your Labeling Systems Provider Really Offering the Best Solution? 

This particular question isn’t really part of your labeling system provider’s survey, but it should be part of your own personal survey of your provider! 

Are they providing you the flexibility needed with an automatic label applicator, and if not, are they able to?

Are they providing you real value for your investment (an intrinsic ROI benefit that makes their automatic label applicator worth the commitment)? 

Are they fully serving your labeling needs? More importantly, will they be able to grow and evolve to meet your labeling demands in the future?

If the answer is no (or even buried somewhere in that infamous blurry, gray area), it’s time to start shopping for a labeling machine manufacturer that can provide a well-rounded solution. Not sure how to find that perfect provider? Don’t worry. Our helpful guide, “The Secret to Planning a Labeling System,” walks you through the process, step by step. 

Or, download our 360a Labeling System Vendor Site Survey for an idea of what a Labeling System Manufacturer Survey looks like.

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