Cosmetic Labeling: Your Straightforward Guide

Cosmetic Labeling: Your Straightforward Guide

If your boutique cosmetics line is ready to become a mass market product, it’s time to make sure you’re familiar with cosmetic labeling requirements.  Once you start producing more than a handful of lotions, soaps or other products, you need to comply with Food And Drug Administration (FDA) labeling regulations

FDA requirements are intended to mitigate confusion about products, helping consumers know more than just the cosmetic product name and avoid potential hazards and allergic reactions. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your cosmetics labeling meets FDA obligations.  Read more

The Importance of Product Labeling

The Importance of Product Labeling

The importance of product labeling cannot be overstated. When purchasing consumer products, evaluating the product label is typically the final step in the buyer’s decision-making process. A high-quality label can be the difference between getting the sale or not. It’s also your first point of communication after the sale, helping customers use your products correctly. 

But, how does the product labeling process work, and how can you make your labels more impactful?

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Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Labeling: Which Printing Method Is Right For Your Application?

If you’re weighing the benefits of direct thermal vs. thermal transfer printing, at first glance the winner may seem obvious. Direct thermal printers don’t use thermal transfer ribbons, so on the surface, it may appear to be the more economical option for label printing. However, there’s much more at play here than ribbon costs. Read more

Tamp-Blow vs. Wipe-On Label Application: Which One Is Better For Your Business

Tamp-Blow vs. Wipe-On Label Application: Which One Is Better For Your Business

Do you need a wipe-on or tamp-blow label applicator for your products? Not sure which one? The application method you choose depends on a number of factors! 

What kind of containers do you use? Do you have compressed air in your facility? How fast do you need labels to be applied? How accurately do they need to be applied during your labeling process

Here’s what you need to know about these technologies in order to choose a label application method that fits your business needs. 

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Chemical Labeling

Labeling Systems Options for Chemicals

When you’re dealing with dangerous chemicals, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. So, complying with chemical labeling regulations doesn’t just keep your business on the right side of the law, it ensures that anyone who comes in contact with materials has information on how to handle them and what to do in case of an emergency.

Of course, you should always consult with your legal team to ensure compliance, but this blog is a great starting point for understanding label requirements with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and California’s Proposition 65. So, let’s get to it and find the right chemical labeling system for the job. Read more

CTM Labeling Wine Bottles

Choosing The Right Bottle Labeling Machine

A label does more than identify a container’s contents. It gives the buyer their first impression of your product, helping you make the sale. Choosing the right bottle labeling machine will improve quality perceptions while keeping your production line running smoothly. Here’s how you can narrow down your choices based on the bottles and labels you use, as well as how the machine fits into your production process. Read more

how to shorten your lead time with a good label machine manufacturer

Shorten Lead Time With An Expert Label Machine Manufacturer

How soon will your products be ready to leave the production line and ship out to retailers and customers? Good or bad, that answer ultimately depends on the components of your product line, from your workers to the labeling equipment you use.

Truth be told, your labeling equipment partner is your golden ticket to substantially shorter lead times, especially if they’re a Tier 1 label machine supplier with sizable access to resources and inventory.

Want a labeler up and running in half the time others say is even possible? Here’s how to do it and how to tell if your labeling equipment supplier can keep up with the speed you need to get the job done yesterday!

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Have a Spare Parts Kit for Your Labeling System? Why It Matters


Remember feeling young, unstoppable — like an F-15 Eagle crushing the sound barrier at 1,800 mph?


Hey — we all remember being 18, right? And we’re guessing back then you likely didn’t put too much stock in health insurance — at least not until you broke your leg chasing the sound barrier on a mountain bike.


Then those insurance premiums deducted from your paycheck probably sounded like a dollar store bargain.


It’s the same way with the spare parts kit of your labeling system. Nobody really thinks about it until something breaks down — then everything goes haywire. Read more