360a Series Top Bottom Split Conveyor Labeling System


For those businesses with products that require label application on its top and bottom simultaneous, CTM has designed the 360a Top Bottom Split Conveyor label applicator. The unit comes equipped with user-friendly features and configurable options that make the applicator one of the most innovative machines on the market today.

Key Features

  • Left-hand and right-handed configurations
  • Adhere labels to both top and bottoms of products at the same time
  • Stainless shell construction
  • 3 light alarm stack
  • Touchscreen colored display
  • Dual applicator assemblies

Compatible with CTM Label Applicators

The CTM Top Bottom Split Conveyor labeling system consists of two 3 foot long conveyors positioned in-line driven with a single variable speed DC drive motor to maintain a common speed across a short transfer gap. This design allows not only top labeling with any of CTM’s line of advanced 360a applicators or 3600a printer-applicators, but the gap allows the use of its merge applicator for wipe on labeling to the bottoms of various products such as trays and clamshells.

Constructed with Safety In Mind

The split conveyor labeling system is perfect for businesses in the food and beverage industry. With strict FDA standards that must be adhered in terms of health, safety and sanitization, it can be difficult to find an applicator and conveyor that can fit the requirements needed.

The conveyors on the system use a 12-inch wide high friction white belting to facilitate traction and gap transfer. An additional “v” section on the underside of the unit connects with a “v” groove stainless steel bedplate for positive belt tracking. A NEMA 4 enclosure is also mounted to the side frame, which includes an OSHA lock-out.

The Top Bottom Split Conveyor system can optionally be constructed out of stainless steel, preventing any sort of machinery rusting from occurring that could then be transferred over to business’ facilities. Since the unit is not painted either, there is no risk of paint chips falling off the machine and coming in contact with products running through it. With flush side frames on the conveyor, you can be ensured that food, dirt, dust, bacteria, or other debris will not fall into any crevices and collect.


The Top Bottom Split Conveyor labeling system comes equipped with usability in mind. The dual applicator assembilies helps to integrate seamlessly into the workplace of CTM’s customers. With a standard speed of up to 100 feet per minute, the unit is sure to keep up with even the heaviest of workloads.

Optional Features

The CTM 360a Top Bottom Split Conveyor comes standard with numerous features that would be otherwise optional on competing machinery. Along with that, several additional features are available to configure your labeling system with.

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Encoder speed following with splitter cable assembly for both labelers
  • Stack light(s)
  • Label on product scanning and eject
  • Pneumatic – required with certain features

The 360a Top Bottom Split Conveyor labeling system by CTM provides world-class performance in a user-friendly and safe-conscious design. Built with regulated industries such as food and beverage in mind, ensure that your facility continues to operate at peak performance without any issues. Request more information today to get started.


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