Front/Back/Wrap Labeling System


In order to meet the ever-changing needs of modern society, CTM Labeling System has designed a fully automatic, competitively priced label applicator that’s designed to fit a variety of customer needs.

This custom labeling system is capable of being utilized for two different label applications – front and back labeling and wrap labeling. Depending on the product or package being labeled, we will determine which configuration will best suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Accommodates various products, with conveyors from 2.3″” to 18″” wide and from 4′ to 12′ long
  • Several enhanced and value-added options come as standard
  • Conveyor velocity from 90′ per minute to 120′ per minute
  • Additional, optional features available for added compatibility with your facility

Safety Features

This wrap label applicator comes in a NEMA 4 main enclosure and OSHA lock-out, in compliance with standards.

The NEMA 4 enclosure helps to prevent unwanted moisture from finding its way into the electrical components of the label applicator.

This label applicator’s lockout system allows for quick and safe disabling of the labeling system should a surge in hazardous energy occur.

Enhanced Features That Come Standard

The primary frame on this label applicator is made from heavy-duty tubular steel to ensure a capacity that can handle any workload.

Each front/back/wrap label applicator comes with a premium color touch screen, designed by Maple Systems. The color touch screen allows for accessible control and easy readability of all the essential functions on the labeling system.

Optional Features

CTM’s Front, Back and Wrap Labeling System is capable of being configured with optional features that can bring enhanced workflow to your facility. Options include:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Encoder speed following for labelers
  • Stack light(s)
  • Label on product scanning and eject
  • Pneumatic – required with certain features

If there are other features that you’d like designed for your custom front/back/wrap label applicator, please contact CTM Labeling Systems.

Ensure that your facility is running at peak efficiency with this state-of-the-art, custom label applicator that is made to fit your exact needs.

Contact CTM Labeling Systems today to get started on ordering your Front/Back/Wrap Labeling System.



108-132 Volts AC, 10-20 Amps 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase 208V, 220V, 440V optional Option


Stainless steel frame, HMI operator touch screen Encoder speed following for labelers,


Varies, approx. 75




 144″ long


 Approx. 1200 lbs


 40° F to 105° F (5° C to 40° C)


  -4° F to 105° F (-20° C to 40° C)

Conveyor Variations:

 6′ to 12′ long 2.3″ to 12″ wide


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