Pail Labeler


Custom-built to provide a heavy-duty labeling system for use in industrial production environments where dependable, accurate and trouble-free pail labeling is required. CTM Labeling System’s Pail Labelers are able to be designed after both the 360 Series Label Applicator and the 3600 Print and Apply Label Applicator.

Key Features:

  • Built To Meet Your Required Specifications
  • Unique, Fan Design Builds Vacuum For Efficient Pail Labeling
  • Made Durable Using Heavy Duty Parts

Built To Meet Your Required Specifications

This pail (bucket) labeling machine can be ordered with one of our top-of-the-line Model 360 applicators or Model 3600 PA Series print and apply labeling machines. Which one you get depends on the needs of your facility.

If you require a simple application solution, our Model 360 applicator comes with many premium features that ensure quick, efficient label application to achieve top work efficiency.

Likewise, our Model 3600 print and apply label applicator can handle a variety of print sizes and DPI’s with its configurable print engine (one of several leading manufacturers, SATO, Zebra and Datamax, can be utilized).

Unique Design Built For Maximized Pail Labeling Efficiency

At CTM Labeling Systems, we are always looking for modes and methods that will help your facility optimize for maximum workload efficiency. Our pail labeler is built using that same methodology.

A Model 360 or Model 3600 print and apply label applicator is positioned “reels up” alongside the product conveyor. The applicator includes an air cylinder operated, tilt-out style, o-ring carrier grid to “wipe on” apply labels by contact.

Attached to the labeler is an air-cylinder-operated, short travel, tilt-out vacuum grid (approx. 15″ in length), which incorporates several variable speed, stepper motor driven o-ring belts to assist and carry the feed of long, soft labels. Muffin fans are used for vacuum generation to hold the dry side of the label against the o-rings to impart travel.

A firm, felt wiper impresser attached at the end of the grid on the pail labeler is used to contact the surface of the product in order to press the label on for initial attachment; the label attaches as pulls off the grid by the advancing product.

The motorized o-rings move while labels dispense and stop when the leading edge of the label reaches the apex of the felt wipe. This is determined by a photoelectric label sensor that detects the stopping position and is consistent (even with varying label lengths).

Closely spaced, parallel handle guide rails (for a vertical position) are mounted to clear the top of each product in order to maintain in-line orientation, keeping the products from rotating out of position while traveling to the hold-down belt stabilizer assembly.

All these steps are done in tandem to ensure that your pail labeling process is continually maximizing capacity and eliminating downtime as much as possible.

Made Durable With Premium Material & Components

As standard with all label applicators from CTM Labeling Systems, our pail labeler is made using heavy-duty anodized aluminum and stainless steel components. Guide rails are built into the conveyor of the pail labeler to ensure that product stays within the proper parameters for accurate and consistent labeling.

Ensure peak operational efficiency in your facility with CTM’s Pail Labeler. Contact us today to get started and request a quote.