Wine Bottle Label Applicator


Designed specifically for the ever-growing wine bottle industry, the Wine Bottle Labeler machine from CTM Labeling Systems is uniquely designed to be used for quick and easy application on curved surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Durably Built for Extensive Workloads
  • Compatible with Existing Lines
  • Different Label Application Options Available
  • Cover Labeling Made for the Wine Industry

Durably Built For Extensive Workloads

The Wine Bottle Labeler has a heavy duty conveyor belt base to ensure that each glass bottle moves along without incident. Stainless steel sidearms along the conveyor also aid in keeping the wine bottles on their track to maintain peak operational performance.

This machine is also capable of being integrated with your exisiting lines so you don’t skip a beat at your facility.

Different Label Application Options

CTM’s Wine Bottle Labeler is capable of being designed for two application methods – single label applications and front & back label applications.

For single labels (front or back), the label can be applied to wines bottles of various diameters and height. Labels can be oriented specifically to physical characteristics, registration marks or existing graphics. One applicator is required.

Front & back labeling requires front and back wine bottle labels to be converted in alternating fashion on the same web. As the indexer rotates each wine bottle, the controller will monitor the product’s rotation and trigger the applicator to apply the labels 180 degrees opposite of each other.

Front & back labeling can also be accomplished with two label applicators. The front wine bottle labels would be converted on one roll with the back labels being the product rotation after the first label has been applied.

Cover Labeling

Another unique benefit made specifically for the Wine Bottle Label Applicator is its cover labeling capability.

Cover labeling, also known as re-labeling, can be accomplished by sensing the originally applied label and applying the new label over the original.

The stepper driven indexer will provide very tight tolerance label placement within + / – 1/32” (some label materials and bottles may cause label placement tolerances to vary).

This Wine Bottle Labeler’s custom design (originally made by CTM Labeling System for the wine industry) is multipurposed, and a great label applicator for any industry that handles bottles of similar dimension.

Request a quote for your Wine Bottle Labeler machine today and improve your facility’s workload and efficiency.



120 VAC, 20 amps.


Microprocessor controlled


80 PSI @ 3 CFM


Dependent upon applicators used, bottle diameter and lengths.

Approximate Dimensions:

96″ long, 75″ wide, 68″ tall (single labeler version)

Approximate Shipping Weight:



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