360a Series Wrap System (WR)


For those that are just starting their business, the 360a Wrap System from CTM Labeling Systems is an excellent option. The 360a WR is fully capable of handling low volume conveyors, making them perfect the entry-level business.

Key Features

• Compact frame and construction

• Different labeling width models

• Touchscreen color display

• Independent speed adjustments

Compact Size

Our 360a Wrap System is constructed and designed to be a compact, complete unit. For example, the 360a WR system measures at a 4 feet by 4 feet dimension with the 6-inch by 4 feet long conveyor, wrap belt assembly and ball bushing traverse for the labeler. If you’re just starting out a business or are in a facility that is limited on space, this is the ideal label applicator for you.

Label Width Configurations

The wrap system is capable of being ordered in two variants: a 5-inch wide and 7-1/2-inch wide version. These two different sizes will allow accommodation for a large range of products of various sizes. What’s more is that the unit has 48 label format storage for operator selection. With that, there’s no need to re-calibrate the same labels.


Even though the 360a WR is a low-cost entry option for businesses, the same quality that CTM Labeling Systems is known for continues to shine through. The 360a Wrap System also has independent speed adjustments that allow set up for various products, label sizes and cycle rates. Since each unit has a touchscreen color display, these configurations can be easily inputted when operating the machinery.

Optional Features

Along with the 360a Wrap System’s features that come standard, the labeler can also be ordered with additional features, all of which can be easily attached and used.

• Low label

• End of web

• Light stack

For the cost-conscious or starting business in mind, CTM Labeling Systems’ 360a WR Wrap System is ideal for a multitude of scenarios. With the low barrier-to-entry paired with the quality CTM has been recognized in the industry for, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your order. Request more information today to get started.



Low Label, End of Web, Light Stack- all are Plug and Play for the 360a

Electrical / Pneumatic:

108-132 Volts AC, 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase, 7 Amps.


Operating: 41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C)

Storage: -4° F to 105° F (-20° C to 40° C)

Optional Features:

Low label, Low Ribbon, End of Web, End of Ribbon


Approx. 700 lbs.


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