Bottle Labeling Machine – Vertical Trunnion Roller


For bottling facilities in need of multiple labels per bottle, CTM Labeling System has designed a customized solution to maintain peak workload efficiency.

Originally designed for a top shelf bourbon bottle manufacturer, our Bottle Labeling – Vertical Trunnion machine is made to handle applications of up to five labels per product.

Key Features:

  • Unique Design Allows For Multiple Label Applications Per Product
  • Enhanced Features Eliminate Waste & Label Imperfections
  • Made From Durable Materials, With Safety Standards

Enhanced Features Eliminate Waste & Label Imperfections

Long labels and high speeds can issues with label sag and wrap around skew. And, having too short of a wrap station can inhibit the capabilities of your line. In order to combat this, the team at CTM has designed our Bottle Labeling Machine with a vertical trunnion roller conveyor system.

This conveyor is designed to capture product within close-space vertical rollers, which helps to stabilize the product at high belt speeds and ensure a consistent label application quality without the need of long pitch spacing (typically required for extended length labels).

The short product pitch and high wrapping velocities built into this Bottle Labeling Machine nearly eliminate all skewed labels, and also yield higher cycle rates as compared to a standard wrap belt approach. All this allows your facility to operate at maximum efficiency, no matter the workload.

Unique Design Allows For Multiple Label Applications Per Product

When placing a product through the conveyor, it gets gated into the labeling area where a leading edge label is applied.

Front and back labels are then applied in the second labeling station, where the product is secured by the top hold down belt. Then, a top tamper evident label is applied over the product top and wiped down the sides of the bottle neck. A complete wrap label can then be wrapped around the bottle neck to secure and cover the trailing edges of the tamper evident label.

With this multi-point system, our Bottle Labeling Machine is able to be completely wrap five different labels at a variable speed up to 45 PPM.

Made Safe & Durable

The Bottle Labeling – Vertical Trunnion machine from CTM comes built using heavy-duty, welded tubular steel for its frame. The label applicator’s open design allows for easy maintenance and clean-up.

This applicator is made with safety standard features on board, including OSHA lock-out for the system controls. (These are surrounded by a Nema 4 main enclosure that provides protection against moisture.)

Designed as an end-all applicator for bottles, CTM’s Bottle Labeling Machine with a vertical trunnion roller is an efficient applicator that provides up to five label applications per product while maintaining maximum operational capabilities.

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108-132 Volts AC (208V, 220V optional), 10-20 Amps, 50/60 Hertz,Single Phase

Distributed By:

VT/1016 Environmental


40° F to 105° F (5° C to 40° C)


-4° F to 105° F (-20° C to 40° C)

Optional Features:

 Low Label, End of Web, Stack light(s)  Consult CTM Labeling Systems for other options

System dimensions:

 Varies, but approx. 75″


10 to 12 ft. long


 Approx. 800 lbs.


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