Vertical Trunnion Roller Labeling System


The system shown was designed to label a top shelf Bourbon Bottle. The end user was in pursuit of a specific look that required the application of five labels to each product. The bottle was gated into the labeling area where a leading edge label was applied. Front and back labels were applied in the second labeling station where the bottles were secured by the top hold down belt. A top tamper evident label was applied over the decorative cork top and wiped down the sides of the bottle neck. A complete wrap label was then wrapped around the bottle neck to secure and cover the trailing edges of the tamper evident label.

The tamper evident label and neck labels were applied using a proprietary tooling design developed specifically for this product. Labeling speeds were variable to 45 PPM.




108-132 Volts AC (208V, 220V optional), 10-20 Amps, 50/60 Hertz,Single Phase  

Distributed By:

VT/1016 Environmental  


40° F to 105° F (5° C to 40° C)  


-4° F to 105° F (-20° C to 40° C)  

Optional Features:

 Low Label, End of Web, Stack light(s)  Consult CTM Labeling Systems for other options  

System dimensions:

 Varies, but approx. 75″  


10 to 12 ft. long  


 Approx. 800 lbs.  



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