Technician repairing a commercial labeling system.

Commercial Labeling System Maintenance and Repair

There’s no way to completely eliminate downtime and repair costs for your labeling equipment, but there are ways to reduce them. What are the most common problems you’ll encounter with your labeling machine, and how do you fix them before calling your repair service provider? Learn more about how to manage your commercial labeling system maintenance and repair.

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Unique product label mockup.

How Unique Product Labels Make Your Product Pop

How do you get consumers to choose your product over all the choices on the shelf? Product packaging combines graphic design, fonts and typography, and logo design with unique label materials to build your brand identity and make your product and brand name stand out from the rest.

Not sure where to start? Try out design ideas to make unique product labels that make you rise above the crowd.

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Nutraceutical product label.

Nutraceutical Product Label Guidelines

Nutraceuticals are poised for massive growth in the next decade. They’re also easy to pivot to if you’re already in food or supplement production. However, meeting regulatory requirements for these fortified food products is confusing. Are they foods, health foods, or supplements? How do you explain their benefits without crossing the line into drug regulations? Here’s what you need to know to make labels that will keep your clients and the government happy.

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Designer creating product labels.

Best Practices For Creating Product Labels

There’s more to creating product labels than meeting legal requirements. Your product labels don’t just tell consumers the product name and company name; they tell consumers what to expect from your products and encourage them to pick you over your competitors. What makes great product labels? While there are many opinions, a few practices are standard across the industry. Answering these questions when you start designing your next label will help you come up with a functional, effective design. Read more

Connected packaging label with a QR code.

What Is Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging is being hailed as the next big thing in retail technology. What is this packaging, and what makes it so special? It bridges the gap between online and in-person experiences using barcodes, RFID tags and near-field communications. Done right, this improves the purchase experience while giving you access to new data about your customers. So, how can you implement it in your packaging?

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Print-and-apply label system applying labels to products.

A Guide to the Different Types of Print and Apply Label Systems

Pre-printed custom labels are great for high-quality color graphics and text, but a single label design often can’t have all the information you need for your products. Many products or cartons need information specific to each container, including lot numbers for traceability, best buy dates, and shipping addresses. It might be easier to use a label that covers one product line, adding text and graphics for variations, like different flavors.

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A high-speed, automatic label applicator applying labels.

Automatic Label Applicators: Features and Benefits

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for product labeling. When you choose a label application system, you have to factor in the size and shape of the containers, as well as what you want on your labels and where you want them placed. This means you have several equipment and configuration options when you buy a high-speed, automatic label applicator. What do these features do, and which ones do you need for your products?

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Medical cannabis label.

Medical Cannabis Labels vs. Recreational Marijuana Labels

The cannabis business is confusing. While most products are easy to sell nationally, each state has different laws handling what cannabis products can be sold, where they’re sold, and how they’re marketed. As a cannabis provider, how do you make labels that fit legal requirements while following best practices to inform consumers about what they’re buying?

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Commercial labeling system applying labels to products.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Labeling System

In order to shop for a commercial labeling system, you need to understand how it fits your products and your production system. There are many factors to consider, including size, speed, container shapes, printing abilities, and more. Here are some questions you need to answer to understand your labeling needs and find the right equipment for your business.

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