CBD product label that meets CBD labeling requirements.

Keys to Successfully Navigate CBD Labeling Requirements

How do you design labels for your CBD products (Cannabidiol) so they are legally compliant, inform consumers, and require minimal changes when regulations change? Like anything related to the cannabis industry, it’s complicated. Federal enforcement varies, states have their own laws, and the legal landscape is constantly changing. Here’s what you need to know to meet CBD labeling requirements.

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Different types and sizes of packaging material.

Overcoming Challenges with Packaging Materials and Labeling

Why do some packages not survive the trip to your customers? What if your labels fall off? Are you doing enough to reduce your environmental impact and packaging costs? There are a lot of problems that arise when you launch a new packaging solution. Don’t let challenges with packaging materials get you down. Here are some factors you should consider when creating or updating your packaging materials and labels.

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Packaging sustainability helps more than the environment.

Should Your Brand Consider Sustainability in Labeling and Packaging?

Sustainability in packaging and labeling isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business. First Insight’s “The State of Consumer Spending” survey found a majority of Gen Z and Millennial consumers would pay up to 10% more for a sustainable product, as would 34% of Gen X and 23% of baby boomer consumers. 

There are more ways to be sustainable than just using compostable packaging. Eco-friendly labels and packaging use less material, reduce purchasing and shipping costs, and when done right, can increase your sales while lowering your total cost per unit. 

However, choosing eco-friendly packaging materials can be a complicated process. How do your labels factor into sustainable packaging, and what do you have to do to switch to eco-friendly labels? Read more