Why Reinvent the Wheel? The Cost Benefits of 3rd Party Labeling


The beauty of white labeling, as well as the spirit of white labeling found in using third-party development for your labeling systems, is integrating somebody else’s technology so you can get rolling with a solution that already works.


Nowadays, a wheel seems like a pretty simple solution: it rolls, you go. But once upon a time, even the wheel was just a barebones concept that required endless experiment and failure to successfully work.

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ways to get the most out of your labeling machine manufacturer

Why Waste Potential? Get The Most Out Of Your Labeling Machine Manufacturer

How much value are you getting from your labeling machine manufacturer? Sure, your automatic labeler puts labels on your boxes and merchandise when it’s up and running, but that’s the whole point of using high-speed labeling equipment in the first place! It SHOULD take care of your labeling needs so that you can keep your focus on the key business components.

But a labeling machine manufacturer provides much more than just a label applicator for your business. In fact, the right labeling system can provide flexibility in regard to various application types – accommodating multiple product lines, shapes and label sizes – and ultimately transform your production capabilities and increase ROI.

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The top 10 things to consider before buying a label applicator system

10 Major Things To Consider Before Buying A Label Applicator

When the efficiency and productivity of your business is reliant upon the purchase of a new print and apply labeler, CTM Labeling Systems proudly provides the opportunity to invest in equipment that revolutionizes your company’s day to day operations. Our label applicators will become an integral part of your business, both functionally and in regard to output.

In this white paper, CTM Labeling Systems has gathered the ten most important factors to consider when speaking with manufacturers and deciding on a label applicator for your facility. From the integrity of each manufacturer to the reliability and versatility of their products (as well as their hardware’s ability to integrate seamlessly into your workplace), these ten considerations will help you prioritize and feel confident as you explore your purchasing options.

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CTM 360a Top/Bottom label applicator for food and beverage

Use The Right Labeling Machine For Your Food Labeling Needs

There are tons of options out there for food and beverage labeling – from a small food label printer and a semi-automatic labeling machine to a high-speed, fully automatic labeler. But in order to have the best technology for your needs, you need to understand the level of efficiency that your operation requires.

Do you simply want a label with your company logo on it? Or are you looking for the full range of food industry’s labeling options, including labeling that assists in product tracking, indicates freshness, provides barcode and nutritional information or even helps to seal the product?

The food and beverage industry is packed with endless packaging options. From cold and frozen containers to round bottles and various box sizes, the food labeling machine you use for your labeling needs has to be as diverse as your product line.

CTM’s 360a Top/Bottom Label Applicator provides a robust, reliable solution for customers who are required to label the top and the bottom of their products simultaneously. Numerous industries utilize this applicator, and it should be no surprise that it’s also an excellent choice for the food and beverage industry. This labeler’s high-quality design leads the industry…so let’s take a closer look! Read more

Considering Flexibility and Versatility in Your Purchase of a Labeling System

When multiple types of projects, products, and labeling needs are a part of a customer’s day-to-day operations, flexibility and versatility are two key features that customers look for in a label applicator. The 360A Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator offers exactly what customers in this position are looking for. It is versatile, in that it allows customers to both print and apply labels, and to simply apply pre-printed labels. Read more

CTM’s Label Web Bypass Roller: How it Provides Users with Flexibility

The 360A Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator is an extraordinarily flexible piece of equipment. When a customer needs to save time and resources, application of pre-printed or print and apply labels is a tremendous asset. When a workplace must spend every minute in production due to an increased demand from customers and a fiscal need to cut costs, this type of flexibility contributes to the bottom line in terms of labor savings and the saving of time. Read more

When a Salesperson Becomes a Partner: CTM’s Unique Sales Support Team

CTM’s customers are experts in what they do. Managing packaging and labeling projects for major clients is a job that requires an efficient plant and effective and versatile machinery. When customers decide to make an investment in a labeling system, they depend on CTM’s sales support staff to educate, inform, and advise so that they can select a product which will help them uphold their own standards of professionalism. Read more