Monumental Momentum — Why Sizable Labeling Equipment Partners Shorten Lead Times


You need a labeler yesterday. 


Those orders you told your boss would be filled today? The truth is you wonder if they’ll even be ready next week. Success can be its own complicated, wonderfully frustrating, swear-under-your-breath mess. 


Because once that ball starts rolling, maintaining momentum — and even more importantly propelling gravitational acceleration — can mean all the difference between success and failure. Keep up or get rolled over — there’s no in-between.


So how soon will that labeler you need be ready to plug in and rock & roll? That ultimately depends on who you call to build and install it. The truth is the size of your labeling equipment partner — whether it’s a Tier 1 labeling supplier with sizable access to resources and inventory — is your Golden Ticket to substantially shorter lead times. 

Want a labeler in half the time others say is even possible? Here’s how to do it — and how to tell if your labeling equipment supplier can keep up with the speed you need to get the job done yesterday. 


Supply Rules — What a Tier 1 Labeling Manufacturer Delivers


Since a sizable labeling systems producer moves large volumes of inventory like Tony’s Pizzeria on Friday night, they wield a bigger stick when it comes to material suppliers. That means that their needs — and yours — are at the top of suppliers’ to-do list. Momentum is contagious. Catch it, and your job is off and running like a printing machine slapping labels on hundreds of products a minute. 


The beauty of CTM is we sit sky high on top a stack of inventory unlike any other in the industry. Say jump — and suppliers respond like you’re Lebron James in a pair of Nike Supermans. That’s the privilege of being a Tier 1 labeling supplier. Might makes right, every time.


Established Core Units — Why Your Labeler Could Already Be ½ Way Done


Speaking of sky-high, know what also comes in handy?

Established core units. These are labeling systems built right up to the point of unique customer customization. With an already established core unit, your labeling system is already halfway done before you even pick up the phone. 

The catch is so many equipment manufacturers don’t think about starting to build your labeling system until you call in an order. Only after you’ve filled in all the specs will they even begin to crack a sweat. And by then your project is already delayed needlessly by weeks. It’s incredibly frustrating. 



A Warehouse of Vertical Storage — What It Means for Lead Time


We always encourage our customers to visit us in person and tour our facilities. One of the first things we show them (after a welcome breakfast of coffee and donuts anyway) is our vertical storage — hundreds of prebuilt labeling systems stacked to the ceiling. The fact is your labeling system may already be in there somewhere — ready for tweaking — the job more than halfway done. 


The momentum and speed this brings to the building of your labeling machine — and the immense time it saves — are enormous. You get butterflies just thinking about it.


How to Sniff Out Used Car Salesmen from Tier 1 Suppliers


The sad fact is the labeling industry is full of used car salesmen. They may talk great talk — but it’s not always straight. How can you tell if a labeling systems manufacturer can really deliver your system when they say they can?


Simple. Grill them like a George Foreman on the Fourth of July.      


Ask about their supply materials and inventory. Quiz them on established core units — if they even know what they are. Ask them about their manufacturing process, their engineering team. Check to see if they have a machine center on site. Ask about details and specifics: What’s their process like for engineering and building a system? Do they build everything in-house, or are they merely assembly agents?


Because who you work with to build your labeling system ultimately makes all the difference. That’s the key to harnessing monumental momentum — how to not only keep up but excel ahead of the awesome deluge of orders that keep coming in.


So when the phone’s ringing off the hook? You can pick it up and say “It’s ready,” because your labeling system is established and labeling in beautiful methodic rhythm — done in half the time those other guys said they could do it. 


This is not only possible — it’s probable — with a Tier 1 labeling supplier that delivers your new system faster than Superman in a pair of hi-tops.



Our Helpful Guide

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