Considering Flexibility and Versatility in Your Purchase of a Labeling System

When multiple types of projects, products, and labeling needs are a part of a customer’s day-to-day operations, flexibility and versatility are two key features that customers look for in a label applicator. The 360A Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator offers exactly what customers in this position are looking for. It is versatile, in that it allows customers to both print and apply labels, and to simply apply pre-printed labels.

The Loose Loop Applicator is a highly adaptable piece of equipment. The machinery prints labels, detects products approaching on the conveyor belt, and starts the process of dispensing and applying those labels to the products right as they pass by the applicator. However, it also has the capability to apply pre-printed labels directly onto products. When a customer begins to use pre-printed labels, the print engine is turned off and the labels bypass the printer and are fed directly onto the products on the conveyor.

This isn’t the only way in which the Loose Loop Applicator saves time and money due to its flexible and versatile nature. It’s Color Touch Screen allows the operator to specify precisely what each project needs from the Loose Loop, giving operators more control. Plus, there are several other components in place which detect issues, allowing the operator to step in and make sure that no time or resources are being wasted. The 3-Light Alarm Stack communicates with the operator when there is machine stoppage or a critical situation, and the optional End of Web Detection stops the applicator before the labels run out, reducing waste. These components make the machinery highly adaptable as conditions change throughout production.

Does your workplace need a labeling system with increased flexibility, adaptability, and versatility? Download our free guide to learn more about the Loose Loop Applicator. You’ll read about each component and how it contributes to a successful and productive workplace. Having this information on hand before you speak to a sales team member puts you in the position of being informed about your purchasing decision.


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