360a Series Integrated Loose Loop Label Applicator


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In the modern age, quick response times are essential to be able to adjust to customer’s changing needs within a moment’s notice. We at CTM recognize this need to be capable of providing this flexibility and adaptability, and in that quest we’ve created extremely adaptable labelers.

A prominent figure in the fruit packaging industry came to us with an issue: they needed to print a variable date on the top label of their top and bottom labeled bowls and trays of assorted melons, pineapples and grapes. Because of the unique product shape and the demanding specifications that were required to apply the film label, direct print and apply with the wipe-on process was dismissed immediately. Instead, a loose loop design was conceptualized.

However, there was still a need to determine how to combine ease-of-access, minimal support structure while still providing the versatility of a standard labeler movement without any secondary adjustments to the label web and stand-alone printer.

The model 360 Merge style applicator was utilized to achieve this. Modded with an attached structured that mounted a Sato print engine with a loose loop web path and control, this allowed the entire label applicator to be mounted on a single u-arm. What this did was help facilitate several key benefits that make the 360a Integrated Loose Loop stand out from the rest.

Key Features

  • Easy web path threading
  • Same side access to the 360 labeler and printer
  • Multi-axis labeler position and attitude adjustment within a common unit while retaining the adjustable dispense speed
  • Velocity compensation
  • Superior film label attachment control of the 360 labeler
  • Color touch screen operator interface display
  • 12″ diameter label roll unwind

Perfect for Any Application Type

This incredibly unique design of the CTM 360 labeler creates an integrated loose loop as an important adjunct to the merge, tamp blow and air blow configurations. The unit is available in either right-hand or left-hand configurations for prime or secondary labeling requirements.

Catered to your Needs

The 360a Integrated Loose Loop comes with a label web bypass roller so it’s capable of being utilized for for print and apply labels or pre-printed labels. This component allows pre-printed labels to bypass the print engine and continue along to be applied to the products on the conveyor. Please note that each type of label requires it’s own quick set-up.

Optional Features

  • Low label
  • Low ribbon
  • End of web detection
  • End of ribbon detection
  • 3-Light alarm stack (available in both silent or audible configurations)

If you’re looking to label a uniquely shaped product, the 360a Integrated Loose Loop has been carefully designed to fit those needs. Request for more information today to get started.


Electrical / Pneumatic:

108-132 Volts AC, 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase, 7 Amps. Pneumatics, if needed: Clean, dry air, 90 psi., approx. 3 – 5 cfm.


Operating: 41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C) Storage: -4° F to 105° F (-20° C to 40° C)

Optional Features:

Low label, Low Ribbon, End of Web, End of Ribbon Stack light (silent or audible)


Approx 165lbs.


Download File

Free Guide

Would you like to learn more about the 360a Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator? Our free guide will explain the significance and functionality of each component, so that your team can proceed forward in the purchasing process with accurate and in-depth information.

Download this guide today in order to educate yourself and your team about the Loose Loop’s properties.

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