Learn More About the Color Touch Screen Technology That Makes User Experience Seamless

CTM’s Top/Bottom Labeler comes equipped with top-of-the-line technology that is designed to enhance the user’s experience. Since most end-users are accustomed to interactive technology, our labeler is equipped with a Color Touch Screen Operator Interface Display which offers three cutting edge benefits to the operator of the machinery.

1. HMI. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the touch screen provides the machine’s operator with a seamless user experience, not unlike the experience users enjoy with their handheld phones and tablet devices. The ease of interaction between operator and machine allows for an intuitive experience. Customers can enjoy the same high-quality look and feel using our equipment that they experience when using their own personal devices.

2. Communication. The operator of the Top/Bottom can input project parameters using the touch screen. The touch screen also communicates back to the user, providing status updates and visible alarms which reduce error and ensure continuous, seamless operation. The touch screen’s ability to alert the operator to problems as they arise, and to adapt depending on the different parameters entered by the user, allows the user to rely upon the labeling system to stay on track.

3. Security. The Top/Bottom Labeler Color Touch Screens come equipped with two-level password protection, allowing customers secure access to their machinery. This technology provides technicians with a separate password that ensures another level of security essential to a secure and risk-free workplace.

If a customer’s plant requires a labeling system which can print and apply labels to both the top and bottom of its products, while providing a simple, intuitive, communicative and secure interface, then take a look at our free equipment download today to learn more about the Top/Bottom Labeler.

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