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Get The Right Labeling Machine for Your Business

Buying the wrong labeling machine can keep your business from reaching the next level and leave you wondering “What the world am I going to do with this?”

Many of our customers come to us in this very predicament. They didn’t purchase the right label applicator for job, resulting in downtime and a need for high-speed capabilities. 

So, how do you go about the process of finding the right labeling machine for your business needs? Whether you’re looking for top and bottom labeling, a bottle labeler or simply need to add a barcode to your packaged products, we can help!

Getting A Labeling Machine That’s Suited For You

In the world of labeling, nothing’s standard, yet there are many companies in the industry that try to sell labeling equipment right off the shelf. 

These days, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes – round bottles, flexible surfaces, multi-faceted geometry. And, without a labeling machine manufacturer that has strong engineering talent and high-quality systems, you may find yourself forcing a round peg into a square hole.

But, there’s good news! If you know what to look for, you can spot unsuitable label applicators from a mile away. Keep the following in mind before making your next purchase.

1. The Engineering Behind Automatic Labeling Machines 

In order to have a labeling machine that’s going to satisfy, whether it’s semi-automatic or an automatic label applicator, the company you use needs to have a robust engineering department. 

Many people incorrectly assume that sticking a label on a product is a piece of cake. That’s understandable – and often far from the truth! 

When it works at peak performance, a labeling machine makes the entire labeling process seamless. But, there’s a lot of custom engineering happening beneath the surface. In reality, the labeling portion of a production line is just as complex (and important) as any other part of the manufacturing process.

For one, significant marketing dollars are invested in the branding of that label. If it doesn’t look perfect, consumers judge the quality of the product and sales suffer. Traceability issues can also occur, including legal liabilities for medical equipment and food supplies, or stiff fines for missed or improper labeling from big-box retailers. 

Long story short, profit margins are at stake if you’re not ensuring that product labeling is perfect each and every time.

So, what’s the best way to tell if a labeling machine manufacturer is up for the job? 

Take a tour of their facility. Are they just an assembly house or do they do the engineering and customized builds in-house? What are their factory capabilities, inventory levels and machining capabilities for customized label applications?

2. Find a Labeling Machine Manufacturer That’s Willing to Say “No”

Some labeling manufacturers are more “salesman” than “problem solver.” They’ll pretend they can do just about anything just to get that check signed, when, in fact, the RIGHT labeling manufacturer might actually be the one willing to say “no.”

The best manufacturers are the ones who may suggest alternative solutions (and then explain why). In fact, a high-quality labeling system manufacturer works to find the best solution to each specific customer problem based upon industry experience and a solid understanding of the labeling machinery required for the job!

3. Know The Hidden Costs of “Cheap” Labelers

You can buy a truck for $30,000 or you could find one for $700. Which one would you drive to Alaska and back?

When it comes to labeling machines, much like in life, you get what you pay for. Labelers priced significantly lower than the rest of the market will likely cause more headaches than solutions.

Getting a tabletop labeler when you really need a custom-built, fully automatic labeler will not solve your packaging problems.

With only half a solution, you’ll be stuck trying to improvise right on the manufacturing floor (or worse, have to return the system and start all over!). Don’t waste precious time on the wrong labeling system or a manufacturer that can’t provide the level of customization and engineering you need.

4. Discover The Value Of A True Labeling Systems Company 

The best labeling system manufacturers are committed to education, customer service and a lifelong business relationship. They work to offer support, training and repair assistance long after the sale is finalized because they understand that your success is their success!

This trust and commitment to quality results in maximum efficiency for your business: less (if any) downtime, consistent labeling and a labeling machine that is custom-built for your needs.

Worry Less With The Right Labeling Machine Manufacturer

How do you know when a labeling machine works like it’s supposed to? When your facility and production line are running at peak performance!

In fact, in the best circumstances, you might just forget about labeling altogether, because the machine runs continuously, effortlessly, and without issue. 

Want to get to work on creating the best label applicator for your business? Download our free guide, “The Secret to Planning a Labeling System” and get it right the first time.

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