When Sales Support and Engineering Work Hand in Hand: How Their Partnership Benefits the Customer

When plant managers begin the process of purchasing an automatic labeling system for their workplaces, many factors influence their decisions to work with a particular vendor. For the busiest managers, a seamless decision-making experience is key. When customers have hectic schedules and other priorities on their to-do lists, they need support from their manufacturer to ensure that the process of purchasing the right piece of equipment is as painless as possible.

CTM’s sales support staff is highly proactive, making sure that customers move through the sales process without missing any details. In short, they dot the I’s and cross the T’s so that customers don’t need to spend time worrying about what might fall through the cracks. Upon contacting CTM, you’ll receive an immediate response to your inquiry, a quote not to exceed three days, and delivery time of only 2-3 weeks for standard equipment. During the sales process, your sales support contact will ask questions, conduct a site survey in order to determine your specific equipment needs, and follow up throughout the process before, during and after the sale.

Working hand in hand are CTM’s sales and engineering teams to design the optimal product. Our focus is centered on flexibility, ease of integration, and reliability. CTM makes every effort to deliver a product that can adapt to various projects to bring you peace of mind for years to come.

At CTM, the fact that our sales support staff and our engineering team work side by side means that you reap the benefits of a highly attentive sales staff and the expertise of our engineering team simultaneously. You can count on CTM’s sales support staff to understand your needs, because they have intimate knowledge of labeling systems and what modifications and choices must be made to produce a product that works for your company’s particular projects. While you’ll be working one on one with our sales support team, you can rest assured that they know exactly how to communicate your site’s specifications to the engineers, and review the progress of the engineering team to make sure your system works for you.

That’s what we call a seamless experience. Our sales staff and engineering teams work together, so that your purchasing experience feels both informed and you, as the customer, feel entirely taken care of. Learn more about CTM’s impeccable service and become informed before making your purchase by downloading our white paper titled “The Secret to Planning a Labeling System.”

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