How to Assess Your Needs: Merge, Air-blow, Or Tamp Module?

Plant managers in the market for a sophisticated automated labeling system should make several careful considerations before buying. CTM’s 360A Series Label Applicator is an excellent choice for most potential customers, but its versatility requires the end-user to make decisions about which applicator module best suits their needs: the merge, air-blow, or tamp.

First, understand the three modules and their differences. The merge applicator uses a wipe-on method of application which may be used on a variety of products. This applicator requires the conveyor velocity to match the dispense speed of the label. The air-blow applicator utilizes a burst of air to “blow” each label onto your products as they pass by the applicator. This applicator allows you to position your applicator at any angle and position, relative to the products, and does not require you to speed match the label dispense to the conveyor speed. The tamp/blow, similar to the air-blow applicator, also allows you to apply labels using a burst of air, eliminating the need for speed matching and letting you position the applicator in multiple orientations. Additionally, the tamp applicator allows for a longer distance between the tamp pad and the location on your products to which labels must be applied, because of the stroke length of the tamp cylinder.

Second, speak with your sales support professional. Talk with your sales support professional about the conveyor belt used at your site. Can the speed of the conveyor be matched precisely to the applicator? Remember to bring up the dimensions of the products you label as well in order to make a decision about which module will best suit your needs. Whether your product is round or square, and whether the surface to be labeled is flat or concave, there is a module which is best for you.

Third, consider a site survey. Your sales support professional can conduct a site survey which will educate him or her about precisely the types of projects your plant works on, and will also provide informative details about your plant. If the environment is dirty or dusty, or if the temperatures can become extremely cold or hot, that may determine the type of product that is right for your plant.

Are you wondering how to customize the 360A Series Label Applicator so that it seamlessly integrates into your plant? Download our free guide to learn about the merge, air-blow, and tamp modules, and the ways in which our applicator can be tailored to meet your needs.

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