When a Salesperson Becomes a Partner: CTM’s Unique Sales Support Team

CTM’s customers are experts in what they do. Managing packaging and labeling projects for major clients is a job that requires an efficient plant and effective and versatile machinery. When customers decide to make an investment in a labeling system, they depend on CTM’s sales support staff to educate, inform, and advise so that they can select a product which will help them uphold their own standards of professionalism.

One of the key ways in which CTM’s sales support staff ensures that each customer purchases a piece of equipment that seamlessly integrates into their plant is through the CTM site survey. This survey allows CTM to extrapolate crucial information from its potential customers, from the size and scale of their worksite and projects to the most specific of their needs in terms of printing and application. CTM welcomes mobile photos and videos of each customer’s site and engages in thorough conversations about customers’ daily operations to help them understand the CTM product line and make the best choice.

CTM’s sales support team also enjoys a unique relationship with CTM’s engineering and manufacturing staff. Unlike many major manufacturers, CTM’s manufacturing team is onsite in the U.S., and works closely with the sales team. This means that our customers work with sales staff members who have an intimate understanding of the quality of the manufacturing team’s work, and the design and intricacy of each product manufactured.

In addition to an excellent sales process, CTM offers technical support staff who will ensure that customers are never left in the lurch when they have a question about their equipment’s operation, or are interested in making an adjustment to the machinery that they have purchased. The work of the technical support team ensures that CTM maintains an ongoing relationship with its customers which extends well past the sales transaction.

Download CTM’s free guide to the Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator to learn about its components. CTM provides this type of thorough information to its potential customers so that they can enter into a conversation with sales support staff as informed customers with important questions which will help to move the process forward in a productive manner.

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