Manufacturer Credibility: Feeling Confident in Your Purchasing Decision

When businesses start the process of making a sizeable investment in a piece of machinery, some caution is normally involved. If employees are going to rely upon this equipment to keep the plant running efficiently for decades, choosing a responsible manufacturer with a reputation for excellence is key. Doing one’s homework, asking questions, and researching manufacturers takes time, but this work is rewarded by solid machinery and top-notch technical support in the long-run.

If a company can manage to send one or two employees on a tour of the manufacturer’s facility, this is one of the best ways to learn about the strength of the facility and build confidence in its capabilities. Visitors should ask themselves whether a facility is well-equipped, clean, and well organized. There should be sales support staff on hand in order to answer any questions and to demonstrate a keen understanding of the engineering of each product. CTM is proud to offer tours of its facility which clearly show the skill of the engineers, the organization and equipment onsite, and the relationship between engineering staff, sales staff, and support staff, as this seamless relationship will result in an easy purchasing experience, greater confidence in CTM’s machinery, and a clear view of CTM’s technical support capabilities.

If a potential customer is not able to make a visit to a manufacturer’s site, that customer can still ask key questions which will help to build confidence in the manufacturer’s facility and reputation. Ask how long the manufacturer has been in business, and request references. Speaking with other customers will help to allay any concerns about the manufacturer’s reputation for honesty and reliability.

An integral piece of a manufacturer’s credibility and reliability lies in its employees. When a customer understands a bit about the employees who will be engineering, manufacturing, selling, and supporting the equipment, this transparency lends a sense of partnership during the sales process. CTM retains in-house employees instead of outsourcing, meaning that these employees are onsite to listen to customers’ concerns and questions, and to provide excellent guidance during the sales process, and afterwards in the form of technical support.

If you are considering the purchase of a Labeling System,  download our free guide in order to prepare yourself for your conversations with the manufacturer. In-depth information will allow you to ask more informative questions and build trust with your manufacturer and its employees.

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