360a Series Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) Labeler


Due to its rugged and versatile design, coupled with standard features that are optional on many competing label applicators, the 360a Series Label Applicator has set the benchmark in the industry.

The 360a Series Form, Fill and Seal Label provides world-class and industry-defining performance to match your business’ throughput and capacity with its additional capabilities. For those that are in need of an industrial-grade solution that is guaranteed to keep your facilities operating at peak performance.

Key Features

  • Engineered to minimize the overall applicator size for those “tough to reach” labeling applications.
  • Adjustable snorkel length from 18” to 30” to encompass a wide range of labeling applications
  • Stepper drive motor will dispense up to 1500 inches per minute of dispense speed.
  • “Auto Teach” label set-up for label length, label stop and label sensor sensitivity.
  • Labels per minute rate indicator.
  • Totalizing label counter for data management.

Ultimate Versatility

The 360a Form, Fill and Seal label applicator is made with extreme versatility in mind. The FFS variant of the 360a is capable of being mounted and positioned in various spots to facilitate label application on the bottom, top and sides of products.

The snorkel on the 360a FFS is adjustable and allows for lengths of 18-inches to 30-inches for the labeling point. This helps in providing label applications for a wide range of products. With a dispense speed of up to 1500-inches per minute and up to 100 labels per minute, the label applicator is extremely capable of handling large throughput.

The 360a FFS has been engineered to minimize the size of the unit as much as possible. This makes it perfect for those products that require label applications in areas that would be difficult to reach when using a standard labeling applicator.


One of the FFS’ defining features is its retroreflective scanner. Where in competing products the feature is optional, the scanner comes standard on the 360a FFS. The PLC signal received from the form, fill and seal unit may also be used. Custom inputs additionally available.

The 360a Form, Fill and Seal label applicator also comes equipped with a label set-up that auto-teaches the applicator for label length, stop and sensor sensitivity.

With the facility or business with large-scale workload and throughput in mind, the 360a Series Form, Fill and Seal Labeler is the ultimate solution for your needs. Providing the greatest amount of versatility with industry-defining performance, there is simply no other labeling system out on the market today that is able of competing. Request more information today to get started.






108-132 VAC


10 amps


50/60 Hz



Air Consumption @ 60-90 psi.

Up to 4 CFM

Label Placement

± 1/32 in


22 1/2 in


27 1/2 in

Adjustable Length

35-1/4 in to 47-1/4 in
Label Roll Size

Max. OD Core

12 in

Max. ID Core

3 in


16″ OD or 20″ OD x 3″ or 6″ ID cores


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