360a Model Y Label Applicator


In the past, the 360 Series Label Applicator set the industry standard for providing quality applications for your needs. With the second generation 360a Label Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems, the industry standard evolved. In 2023, CTM improves upon the 360a introducing the 360a Model Y. This incredibly versatile and extremely durable applicator provides the essentials while also improving work processes while offering a state-of-the-art electronics and communications package. 

Key Features:

  • Configurable to different applicator types: merge, blow-on or tamp
  • Adjustable widths to allow for multiple label sizes
  • Capable of dispensing labels at up to 1,500 inches per minute (up to 3,000 inches per   minute when combined with a secondary unwind and vacuum takeaway)
  • Self-teaching label sensor

Built For Many Label Applications

The 360a Model Y Label Applicator is extremely versatile. The label applicator can be configured in multiple ways to allow for various label applications. Regardless of the surface or size, the 360a Model Y is capable.

Each 360a Model Y Label Applicator is configurable to one of three application methods: blow-on, tamp-blow and merge. Determining which one you use will depend on the product surface, location of the label and label materials you plan on using. Each applicator is available in widths of 5, 7.5, or 10 inches to allow for a variety of label sizes.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

The 360a Model Y Label Applicator comes equipped with industry-leading technology that is designed to help improve workloads. Each applicator is built with a servo motor and drive package. Matched with a planetary gearbox, the applicator can perform consistently and accurately 

Other new features of the 360a Model Y include Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality (IEC 61508 SIL3 safety certification) as well as Ethernet/IP for system controls integrations.  

The 360a Model Y controller is also equipped with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) connectivity with external connectors to accommodate the following: low label – single, double, or triple alarm stack – web break – encoder velocity compensation – loose loop control – product shape profiling imprinting – zero downtime configuration – two channel E-Stop monitoring. Each machine is shipped preprogrammed and can have the additional hardware installed later for simple “plug n play” operations. The electronic control assembly is packaged as a module and can be easily removed for repair or replacement, eliminating costly downtime and servicing. Software updates can be downloaded from a remote source or emailed for user friendly support.


CTM’s 360a Model Y Label Applicator comes with a 7-inch, 256 color, TFT touch screen operator. This operator is vital to the applicator, and it provides a self-diagnostic platform and a multi-level set-up. The bright and bold high-contrast display is sure to be visible regardless of the lighting conditions.

Each applicator can be converted to a left-handed or right-handed with little to no change in parts. It makes them the perfect companion no matter where in your facility the 360a Model Y Label Applicator is placed.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise, the 360a Model Y Label Applicator is the right applicator for many businesses. CTM Labeling Systems prides itself in providing industry-leading labeling systems and customer support. Contact us today to get started.

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120 VAC
240 VAC Available


5 amps


50/60 Hz



Air Consumption @ 60-90 psi.

Up to 4 CFM

Label Placement

± 1/32 in

Air Blow Width

28 in

Air Blow Height

24 in

Air Blow Depth

27 1/2 in

Merge Width

29 in

Merge Height

25 in

Merge Depth

27 1/2 in

Tamp Width

28 in

Tamp Height

22 1/2 in

Tamp Depth

27 1/2 in

Product Sensing

Retroreflective scanner provided as standard, other types available
Label Sizes

Min. Air Blow (W x L)

3/4 x 3/4 in

Max. Air Blow (W x L)

7.5 x 9 in

Min. Merge (W x L)

3/4 x 3/4 in

Max. Merge (W x L)

10 x 20 in

Min. Tamp (W x L)

3/4 x 3/4 in

Max. Tamp (W x L)

10 x 10 in
Label Roll Size

Max. OD Core

12 in

Max. ID Core

3 in


16″ OD or 20″ OD x 3″ or 6″ ID cores


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Explore the new features of the new 360a Model Y Label Applicator.