3600 Series Servo Tamp (ST) Printer Applicator


If you’re looking for a labeling solution for your business that allows for a lot of flexibility, you’ll definitely want to check out our 3600 Servo Tamp (ST) Printer Applicator.

Key Features

• Several print engine options

• Support for all industry-standard barcodes and alphanumeric fonts

• User-friendly interface for ease-of-use

• Several mounting options for ultimate versatility

Print Engine Configurations

Each 3600ST is capable of being configured with several different print engines from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Depending on the needs of your business, select from either a Sato, Zebra or Datamax print engine. The engine will be integrated into the applicator in order to form a self-contained labeling system to print variable data for your products.

Which print engine you decide to go with will depend on the throughput your business will require and the sizes you’ll need to print and apply. Regardless of the engine you ultimately go with, you’re guaranteed a high-efficiency piece of equipment to keep your operations running at peak performance.

Label Size Support

Our 3600 Servo Tamp applicator supports labels small and large – the 3600ST is able to handle labels up 7.1 inches wide.

Label Size Range for Sato is 1.0-inch wide x 1/4-inch long minimum to 6.5-inch wide x 10-inch long maximum, for Zebra is 5/8-inch wide x 1/2-inch long minimum to 7.1-inch wide x 10-inch long maximum, for Datamax is 1-inch wide x .25 long minimum to 6.64-inch wide by 10-inch long maximum.

Barcode and Font Support

If printing barcodes, our applicator supports a wide range of resolutions and alpha-numeric fonts. Print resolutions include 203, 305 and 600 DPI, with print speeds programmable up to 16-inches/second (dependent on DPI).

Bar Codes available to print include EAN 8/13, Code 39, Code 93,UPC A/E (with extensions), Code 128, I 2 of 5, Maxicode, Data Matrix, PDF 417,Micro PDF, CODABAR, MSI and POSTNET. No matter the type of barcode your product requires, whether it be a consumable good to badges, the 3600ST is extremely versatile in its support.

Our 3600ST is capable of printing with a multitude of fonts in different sizes and styles with independent height and width expansions. The industry standard font OCR A/B comes included.


The 3600ST Servo Tamp Printer Applicator provides a lot of versatility for your needs. It can be assembled for right or left hand printer modules. The machine can be mounted in various positions to allow a lot of freedom on where labels are applied to products. Whether you need to label the top, sides or bottoms of any number of products, our printer applicator can handle the work load.

Each unit comes with user-friendly interface for PLC control. This display is capable of providing fast access to set-up selection for application operating parameters. It can even be accessed through remote input.

Standard Features

• Heavy duty contstruction for both tamp blow and all electric tamp

• External valves (tamp blow unit only – all electric tamp does not require valve bank)

• Operator Keypad & Display

• 12-inch O.D. label roll

• I/O connection and communication port connections

With a wide range of support, configurations and capabilities, the 3600ST Servo Tamp Label Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems provides ultimate flexibility with your business in mind. Request for more information today to get started.



33″ L x 27.25″ W x 43.5″ H


Approx. 195 lbs.


108-132 Volts AC, 7 Amps, 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase


90-100 psi., 4 CFM 41O -104O F (5O to 40O C)


-4O to 104O F (-20O to 40O C)

Printing Methods:

Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal


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