3600a-PA Series Dual Action Tamp (DAT) Printer Applicator


The 3600a-PA Dual Action Tamp (DAT) Printer Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems utilizes high quality materials and components to create an incredible versatile product. The 3600a-PA DAT offers a thermal transfer labeler at high speeds. With the capabilties of programming one or two panel labeling applications, our label applicator is perfect for many industries.

Key Features

• Applies labels up to 7.1 inches wide, and prints up to 6.6 inch width.

• Built-in bacodes and alphanumeric fonts

• Tamp-blow application

• User-friendly PLC controller interface with vibrant LCD display


The 3600a-PA Dual Action Tamp is capable of conforming to a multitude of scenarios for great versatility. The machine is made rugged, for both use in standard and custom applications.

Regardless of the setup, the printer applicator is capable. The 3600a-PA DAT can be ordered with a print engine from one of the three major print solutions companies in the world: Sato, Zebra or Datamax. Each engine has their own unique capabilities depending on the idustry and workload needed to produce, so ensure that you pick the right print engine for your needs.

Our dual action tamp applicator is also capable of being mounted in nearly any position. This offers great flexibility in the position of where you need to apply your labels. With our 3600a-PA Dual Action Tamp applicator, you can affix labels to the leading, side or trailing panels of many products. You can also orient the applicator up or down depending on the label size and position needed to apply on the product.


The short height actuator assembly of our dual tamp applicator allows itself to reach over a conveyor over to products that aren’t at the edge of it. For example, if you have a 4 inch tall label, you’ll be able to easily place it 1/4 inch from the bottom of products.

We also have our label applicator available as a right handed or left handed variant for either side of the conveyor it will be placed.

User-Friendly Interface

Our 3600a-PA DAT comes equipped with a intuitive LCD display that provides PLC control. It offers quick access to set-up parameters so you can get up and going for whatever product application you need for your business.

The 3600a-PA Dual Action Tamp (DAT) from CTM Labeling Systems provides industry-leading features to offer great versatility for the needs of your business. Submit a request for more information today to get started.





Label Width

Up to 7.1″

Print Width

Up to 6.6″

Approx. Weight

150 lbs.




108-132 VAC


5 amps


54/60 Hz


90 psi
3-5 cfm


Dependent Upon Line Configuration


RS 232, Parallel – Others Available

Printing Methods

Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal

Print Resolution

203 or 305 dpi, Dependent Upon Print Engine

Environmental (Operating)

(5ºC to 40ºC)
41ºF to 104ºF

Environmental (Storage)

(-20ºC to 40ºC)
-4ºF to 104ºF
Product Sensing
Photoelectric, PLC Input
Applicator Control
Micro PLC with Operator Key-Pad and 2-Line Display For Print Speed, Fonts, Bar Codes or Graphics.


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