How CTM’s Loose Loop Technology Saves Users Time and Boosts Productivity

Plant managers in charge of busy worksites are focused on efficiency. That means operating in such a way that leaves very little waste: waste of human resources, waste of materials, and waste of time. CTM manufactures each of its pieces of equipment with this priority in mind. The Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator integrates a variety of components which cut down on waste in the workplace.

  1. The 3-Light Alarm Stack saves users precious time, by alerting machine stoppage with a red light, flashing a yellow light for caution, and a green light which signifies that the machine is ready for operation.
  2. The Labeler Color Touch Screen Operator Interface with HMI Display is another time-saver which allows operators to communicate with the machine easily and seamlessly. The intuitive functionality means less frustration and fuss when readying the machine for use.
  3. The 12” Diameter Label Roll Unwind comes with an optional low-label detection function. This alerts the user to low label levels with a yellow “caution” light. This functionality is one of the many ways in which CTM goes the extra mile to keep worksites on pace.
  4. The Optional End of Web Detection will stop the equipment from running as soon as the labels run out, which reduces the waste of energy occurs when a machine continues operating needlessly.
  5. The Label Web Bypass Roller is an added benefit of the Loose Loop’s functionality. It allows the operator to engage both in print and apply projects and pre-printed label application, which is a cost-savings to a user who needs this kind of flexibility.

Download CTM’s free guide to learn more about the components of the 360a Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator, and see a visual representation of the functionality of this versatile machine.

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