CTM’s Label Web Bypass Roller: How it Provides Users with Flexibility

The 360A Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator is an extraordinarily flexible piece of equipment. When a customer needs to save time and resources, application of pre-printed or print and apply labels is a tremendous asset. When a workplace must spend every minute in production due to an increased demand from customers and a fiscal need to cut costs, this type of flexibility contributes to the bottom line in terms of labor savings and the saving of time.

The Loose Loop prints onto blank labels, as well as detecting the moment when products pass by on the conveyor belt. Labels are dispensed and applied accordingly. However, when a customer needs to use pre-printed labels, the print engine on the Loose Loop Applicator has the capability to turn off, allowing the labels to bypass the printer in order to be fed directly onto the products on the conveyor.

One of the most important components of the Loose Loop Applicator is the Label Web Bypass Roller. This component is key in setting the Loose Loop apart from other label applicators, in that it contributes enormously to flexibility of use. It is the component which allows the pre-printed labels to bypass the print engine and be applied directly to products. This component makes it possible for customers to engage in print and apply projects as well as the application of labels which are pre-printed. This type of flexibility is something we know our customers have a need for, and we are pleased to offer the Loose Loop with the Label Web Bypass Roller in order to keep our customers on track.

If you have questions about the Loose Loop Applicator, we welcome you to download our free guide which outlines the uses of the machinery, as well as the components which make the equipment unique. Before you begin a conversation with a sales representative, get the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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