Color Touch Screen Technology: Improving Your User Experience

CTM’s 360a Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator combines the robust machinery and reliability manufacturing that CTM’s customers depend upon, combined with cutting-edge technology that makes the user’s experience simple and intuitive. As the use of touch screens grows, from smartphones to car navigation and audio systems, CTM is proud to offer a color touch screen interface for an experience that’s instinctive and responsive. Five features make this touch screen truly user-friendly. 

  1. The HMI Display. The Human Machine Interface on the Loose Loop color touch screen makes communication between the operator and the equipment seamless. It’s easy to read and the common sense commands provide the user with an uncomplicated experience.
  2. Control over operating parameters. The color touch screen on the Loose Loop allows the user to communicate exactly what each project entails, specifying exactly how the machine needs to operate in order to get each job done.
  3. Status information. When an operator is busy at work, handling a multitude of tasks at once, it’s imperative that the machinery he or she works with has the ability to communicate. The HMI display provides visible status updates so that the user stays informed.
  4. Visible alarms. When the machine detects that there is a risk of error, the touch screen generates a visible alarm, letting the operator know what action must be taken in order to make sure the job continues to run smoothly, without errors.
  5. Two-level password protection. This password functionality allows each plant to offer secure access to the Loose Loop’s operator, while also providing access to technicians with a separate password. This commitment to security keeps the workplace’s information safe.

Would you like to learn more about the 360a Integrated Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator? Our free guide will explain the significance and functionality of each component, so that your team can proceed forward in the purchasing process with accurate and in-depth information. Download this guide today in order to educate yourself and your team about the Loose Loop’s properties.


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