Utilization Diagrams: The Physics of Labeling, Explained in Pictures


Seeing is more than believing it’s understanding.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a labeling systems distributor or a manufacturer. At its core, understanding — visually and conceptually, down to the nickles and dimes of physics — saves time and money.

Because when you can visually understand a solution, you’re like Ben Franklin flying a kite in the eye of a hurricane  — worry-free in the face of adversity.

When it works, a labeling system functions so smoothly you don’t need to understand much. But all those moving parts, seamlessly labeling a variety of surfaces and shapes, involve more physics than meets the eye.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a labeling systems distributor or a manufacturer troubleshooting an issue on the factory floor. The secret to delivering the right labeling solution requires a precise understanding of the down and dirty details. And sometimes, that can get pretty complex — even a little ugly.

Here’s a little solution we thought might help.

Utilization Image Guides  —          Physics of Labeling Solutions in a Nutshell  

We decided to feature our Utilization Image Guides on our website. This way, you have everything you need to quickly visualize a solution — right from your phone, tablet, or browser — anytime you need. 

The beauty of these diagrams is you can visualize everything you need to know, right at your fingertips. And that makes explaining the dynamics of CTM so much easier. 

No guesswork. No complicated explanations. Everything is spelled out in easy to visualize diagrams. It couldn’t be simpler.

Check out all our  Utilization Image Guides here.


Everyone’s Happy!


As a manufacturer, you can more easily visualize a solution — right there on the table. You don’t have to guess. There’s no need to test out something that ultimately won’t work. You skip the lab rat and go right to the antidote. Suddenly, your entire project can take shape. The solution’s right there before your very eyes.

And as a distributor, you can show your customers what you truly have to offer — in easily understandable conceptual detail. And when your customers can see what you bring to the table, you’ll sell more.



Because when you understand what solutions perfectly fit each challenge, you’re the person customers contact to make things right. And that can totally make your day.


We’re Here for You!


At CTM, we aim to please. Anything you need, just reach out and ask. We’re always on the other end of the phone, email, or text, ready to help you find any solution you need.

In fact, the whole idea of offering our Utilization Image Guides on our website was suggested by our customers in the first place. Last year, we reached out with a Distributor and Customer Survey to see what you need. We’re continuing to work and implement your suggestions.

Anything else you need? Just ask. We’re happy to help. Solving problems with the perfect labeling solution is what we do best.



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