CTM 360a Top/Bottom label applicator for food and beverage

Use The Right Labeling Machine For Your Food Labeling Needs

There are tons of options out there for food and beverage labeling – from a small food label printer and a semi-automatic labeling machine to a high-speed, fully automatic labeler. But in order to have the best technology for your needs, you need to understand the level of efficiency that your operation requires.

Do you simply want a label with your company logo on it? Or are you looking for the full range of food industry’s labeling options, including labeling that assists in product tracking, indicates freshness, provides barcode and nutritional information or even helps to seal the product?

The food and beverage industry is packed with endless packaging options. From cold and frozen containers to round bottles and various box sizes, the food labeling machine you use for your labeling needs has to be as diverse as your product line.

CTM’s 360a Top/Bottom Label Applicator provides a robust, reliable solution for customers who are required to label the top and the bottom of their products simultaneously. Numerous industries utilize this applicator, and it should be no surprise that it’s also an excellent choice for the food and beverage industry. This labeler’s high-quality design leads the industry…so let’s take a closer look!

Why Should Food & Beverage Companies Use A Top/Bottom Label Applicator?

Even small to medium-sized food and beverage companies reach a point where they need to expand production to accommodate increased sales. 

In 2020, revenue from Food & Beverage companies accounted for over $11 billion in 2020, and that number is only expected to grow, with revenue expected to it over $13.5 billion in 2024. 

For any business, growing pains can be hard, especially when you need to increase staff, storage capacity and throughput. Those changes often mean that you’re likely going to have to buy new equipment (and maybe even a new building or warehouse) to ensure that you can handle your increased sales.

Ease the pains of expanding your business by introducing an automatic label applicator to your process right now, so that you’ll be able to handle that increased throughput and keep all of your new and existing customers satisfied.

Producers in the food and beverage industry work to prioritize health, food safety, and sanitization standards in their own plants, and therefore, need trusted vendors who can provide them with the equipment needed to keep their plants running (while also maintaining these standards). 

CTM Labeling’s Top/Bottom label applicator does exactly that. 

By boosting productivity due to its unique, simultaneous top and bottom labeling capabilities, along with its stainless steel construction, the 360a Top/Bottom Labeler is ideal for both standard and custom food packaging labels. 

What Sets Our Labeling Machine Apart From The Rest?

CTM uses stainless steel in the construction of our Top/Bottom Labeler, which is essential for customers working with food and beverage products. The machinery is also unpainted, ensuring that paint never transfers to the products. The side frames of the two belt conveyors are completely flush aiding in prevention of dust, dirt and bacteria from build-up.

Our Top/Bottom Labeler’s adjustable guide rails are comprised of UHMW plastic and stainless construction. The conveyor base is made with stainless steel tubing, stainless steel locking casters and stainless steel leveling pads and we believe that these elements show a great attention to detail in terms of the machinery’s design and construction.

Talk With CTM Labeling About Your Food Packaging Needs

Our food and beverage industry clients rest easy knowing that the food labeling machines they receive from us adhere to the strict standards upheld by the rest of their plants. This ultimately allows them to produce their food & beverage products in safe, hygienic conditions. 

Whether you use waterproof containers, round bottles or standard packaging options, CTM can provide the right labeling solution for your food packaging needs. For more information on our Top/Bottom Labeler, download our free equipment guide or contact us directly!


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