How Sales Support Can Help You to Choose Between the Three Modules

When purchasing an automatic labeling system, plant managers are making an investment in their facility, their staff’s morale, and in their client relationships. It’s important to ensure that this purchase meets the specific needs of a given plant, and part of that decision lies in the choice between the three application modules offered by the 360A Series Labeler.

This versatile label applicator allows the purchaser to decide between three modules: the merge, the air-blow, and the tamp. The merge is a wipe-on attachment that enables staff to wipe labels directly onto products. The air-blow uses a burst of air to apply those labels without direct contact to the products. The tamp uses an air-blow method of application, but is configured to allow for more flexibility in terms of space and placement of products in relation to the equipment.

How does a customer choose, based on their own needs? CTM is proud to offer the support of our sales staff, who will explain the precise differences between the merge, air-blow, and the tamp, because they work in close proximity with the manufacturing team and have a thorough understanding of labeling applications. Our sales support staff is not simply present to sell a product. They are educators and listeners, and their duty is to hear all of their customer’s needs, concerns, and questions. They will respond in an informative manner, making sure each purchase is the absolute best decision for the buyer.

In fact, our sales support staff conducts a site survey, which allows them to learn the details of each potential customer’s specific work site. This will enable them to gain a true understanding of what their customers need to work efficiently. It’s also an opportunity for them to point out areas of interest which a customer hadn’t thought to mention, bringing their product expertise into their customers’ places of operation.

Plant managers interested in the purchase of an automatic labeling system will learn a great deal from their sales support staff member, once they begin the process of considering a CTM labeling system.. But a great way to get started on this process is to educate oneself on the key features of the 360A Series Label Applicator.

Interested in learning more?
Our free guide details the differences between the merge, air-blow, and tamp, allowing customers to enter into discussions with CTM’s staff with valuable information.

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