The Role of the Site Survey in The Decision-Making Process

“Integration” is a term taken very seriously by CTM’s sales support staff when discussing a prospective customer’s purchase of an automatic labeling system. CTM offers a variety of modules, including the merge, air-blow, and tamp, which can configure a system to meet the exact needs of each of our customers.

How can a customer be sure that he or she is purchasing a system that is configured to integrate seamlessly into his or her plant? CTM has a commitment to providing sales support service that gets to know each customer’s workplace and project needs, in order to make recommendations before a product is purchased. The site survey is a key part of this process.

The site survey is conducted by CTM’s sales support staff, and it allows a customer’s staff to communicate the exact specifications of their site and the scope of their projects. Photos and video of the site can be captured in order to educate CTM’s sales team about the nuts and bolts of the plant in question. The result is that CTM will have a comprehensive understanding of the plant’s dimensions and the workforce’s projects. This enables CTM’s sales support team members to make tailored recommendations that will suit each customer’s specific needs. When a customer is considering the 360A Series Label Applicators, recommendations will be made, based on the site survey, pertaining to the merge, air-blow, and tamp options.

Would you like to learn more about the 360A Series Label Applicator and its three configurations? Our free guide will explain the benefits of the merge, air blow, and the tamp, and in addition, will educate you about the sales process, including the site survey. Download this guide today in order to educate yourself about the 360A and CTM’s unique process.


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