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Remote Access From Your Smart Device to Your Labeler

At CTM, we are excited to introduce the remote access feature. A new option that revolutionizes the way labeling systems are accessed and controlled. With this new feature you can now monitor your 3600a PA using a smartphone or tablet.

Simple to Use

The remote access feature works like any other app. Install the CTM app on a smartphone or tablet and gain immediate access to amazing features for your 3600a PA labelers.

Connecting to your labeler allows you to monitor the operation, access user manuals, and view instructional videos to help you set up or change the way your labeling system is running.

You also get access to recommended spare parts and tech service specific to your machine.

Most people already know how to use smartphones and tablets so this is a great feature that helps streamline and simplify tasks associated with your labeling system.

Easy Access

Having immediate access to the instructional videos and training will cut down on the time it takes to research problems, and it will help your employees monitoring the labeling systems, better understand the entire process. These videos were designed to help companies like yours get the most from the 3600a PA labelers.

You will also be able to view tech support and see recommended ordering procedures for spare parts, which cuts out research time and phone calls associated with maintenance and repairs. You will be able to view exactly what you need and determine the fastest way to get the parts ordered, right through the CTM app.

With Our Clients in Mind

At CTM Labeling Systems, we are always looking to revolutionize labeling processes. It is our mission to create products that make our client’s jobs faster, easier, and more efficient. The remote access feature is our newest development, made with our clients in mind. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to keep your labelers running efficiently and your production line maximizing output.

If you are considering the purchase of a Print and Apply Label Applicator, download our free guide in order to prepare yourself for your conversations with the manufacturer. In-depth information will allow you to ask more informative questions and build trust with your manufacturer and its employees.

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