How the Ability to Choose a Module Saves You Money

Purchasing an automatic labeling system is a major investment for any plant and requires financial considerations before and after implementation. Not only is the initial cost a factor, but those in the market should also analyze potential needs for adapting the equipment to various projects. The 360a Series Label Applicator, by design, reduces future costs by equipping users with a modular system that can be easily modified to meet changing labeling demands without an additional capital expenditure.

The 360A Series Applicator comes with a core unit which will comprise the bulk of the cost. This core unit is a robust piece of machinery that is known for its ability to withstand a demanding work environment and a wide variety of project types. It can be configured with any of three different applicators: the merge, air-blow, and tamp. The merge applicator is a wipe-on applicator which requires the label dispense speed of the applicator to match the speed of the conveyor belt. The air-blow uses a burst of air to “blow” labels onto products, taking away the need for speed-matching. The tamp is similar to the air-blow in its application method, but comes with an air cylinder that allows for a measure of distance between the applicator and the products to be labeled.

When purchasing a 360A Series Label Applicator, you can decide which application method to use based on current project needs. However, rest assured that if your clients’ project requirements change in the future, then a new capital expenditure on a new core unit won’t be necessary. Simply contact CTM to discuss any changing needs, and we will configure the core unit with a new applicator type to suit your plant.

CTM’s staff is always on hand to answer any questions that may arise, ensuring the proper selection and purchase of an applicator that is best suited to your plant’s current projects. Our sales support staff can offer future consultations if your work requires a change in the configuration of the unit.

When considering an automatic labeling system, review our free guide to the 360A Label Series Applicator for an explanation of the core unit and the types of applicators which can be selected in order to service your current needs.

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