How a Proactive Sales Support Team Can Save Plant Managers Time and Money

Every plant manager is responsible for maintaining a productive operation, which is in part fueled by its equipment. When making an equipment purchasing decision, partnering with a proactive sales support team will lighten your workload. CTM’s sales staff will assess your needs, communicate efficiently, and ensure timely delivery of your product. You’ll be impressed by our immediate response time, our ability to deliver a quick turnaround on a quote, and our lead time that will ensure shipment of our product to you in 2-3 weeks on standard equipment.

Our ability to communicate and produce quickly isn’t all we offer. Our sales support team works hand in hand with our manufacturing staff and our tech support team. Our sales staff has an intimate knowledge of our product line and is equipped to guide you through the purchasing process. Further, our sales staff will work as a team with the distributor, ensuring your distributor will be able to provide long-term support and product knowledge.

Of course, our sales support staff builds a close professional relationship with each of our customers as well. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate the details of your projects and work environment within our site survey, and we always welcome photos of your site or videos of projects in action to help us fully understand your needs. Plus, our sales support staff member may be able to visit your site in order to get a direct view into your daily operations, as they often notice details that will inform your purchasing decision. And if that weren’t enough to build your confidence, CTM invites all of its end users to visit our Salem, Ohio facility in order to see our equipment in action and our manufacturing team at work. You can train with tech support in order to make sure you fully understand the functioning of the product you’re purchasing. Additionally, detailed drawings of your product will be provided to you and will pend your approval before your item is manufactured. CTM feels that this degree of collaboration is the key to a confident purchase and a long-term satisfaction in your product.

You likely have more questions about the process of purchasing a labeling system, and we invite you to download our white paper which details the top 10 questions to ask before you make a buying decision that will impact your team.

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