How Flexible is Your Labeling? What You Miss without Modular Design


The phone rings… and suddenly your day is a completely different beast.

Because in the turbulent world of manufacturing and labeling, you never know what’s waiting on the other end of that line. It could be bad news — could be good news. Set yourself up for success and prepare accordingly with proper planning. 

Enter modularity — the doctor’s labeling prescription for high-blood pressure and adaptability.

Modularity provides the ability to change a labeling system on the fly. If ambidextrous design is engineered into a labeling system, a left-hand tamp can be converted to a right. The label nose assembly can be replaced with a more appropriate one. You save time and money because your entire system can be adapted at a whim.


Spontaneous Wings — the Beauty of Modular Adaptability


modular labeling gives you wingsAmbidextrous labeling is a manufacturer’s erector set for achieving spontaneous adaptations on the fly. It gives you wings — or more specifically the ability to go after new and different products whenever the phone rings.

For a packaging house servicing multiple contracts, modular design is pure gold. Contracts you’d otherwise lose to a competitor are all yours — money in the bank.



CTM: A Legacy History of Modular Adaptability


From the very beginning, CTM identified a need for spontaneous adaptability. In fact, we were the first to develop ambidextrous modularity in a single core unit.

Back in the early ‘90s, we started out under the name CTM Integration building the material handling systems and mounting hardware components for what today are our competitors — standard and custom mounting stands and conveyors. 

In the late 1990s, we had an opportunity to partner with a household brand plastics food container company and launch our own printer applicator. As we transformed CTM Integration into CTM Labeling Systems, we learned to modify our printer applicators and components to the various applicators in the industry. And we quickly saw the need to be able to adapt a labeling system on the fly to handle just about anything.



Ready for Anything the Assurance of Possibility


With flexibility, you’re never boxed into a corner. If a job changes or you need to label something completely different, you don’t have to buy a whole new label head to replace it. That’s why we designed our 360A modules  to be completely ambidextrous. You can adapt and add new modules with minimal cost, as little as 20% the cost of a new labeler, in less than an hour.

Leverage 360 degrees of possibility within a full circle of capability. You’re never boxed into a corner. Though one doesn’t always know what’s coming, you have the assurance that equipment purchased today will flexibly deliver any changes you need tomorrow.


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