CTM Labeling Systems' 360a Label Applicator

CTM’s 360A Series Label Applicator: An Overview of Its Versatility

When investing in a piece of equipment integral to your plant with enough longevity to become a mainstay of your day-to-day operations, you need an automatic labeling system that combines a variety of features which add up to maximum versatility. CTM’s 360A Series Label Applicator offers that much-needed versatility due to four important features.

  1. The 360A labeling system can be configured as either a merge, air-blow, or tamp applicator. The core unit is manufactured separately from the applicator nose modules that determine whether you can apply labels using one of these three application methods.
  2. Does your facility have a need to be able to switch from a right hand to left hand application – or vice versa? The 360A offers your staff the ability to do so, not only quickly, but with few or zero change parts. Make the changes you need to make without wasting precious time and resources and delaying your production schedule.
  3. When you purchase the 360A, onsite revisions are made truly simple. You can make changes and complete upgrades with full autonomy, allowing you better control over the equipment, and the freedom to perform these changes at a time that is convenient for your team.
  4. The 360A is able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Multitasking allows your plant’s staff to manage several variables during use of the machinery. This capability brings your team optimal control and versatility.

If you’re considering purchasing an automatic labeling system, and versatility is a key factor in your decision-making process, read more about the 360A Series Label Applicator. Our free guide will educate you on the differences between the different types of applicators, giving you the information you need to speak with our staff and make an informed purchase.

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