How the 360a’s Versatility Allows it to Integrate into Your Plant

Plant managers often supervise sites with changing needs. Those needs may change from project to project on a frequent basis, or over time. The machinery a plant manager purchases may, over the years, become unable to meet the demands of a site’s changing operations. Fortunately, CTM’s 360a Label Applicator demonstrates the type of versatility needed by facilities whose requirements evolve over time.

The 360a core unit has the ability to integrate one of three different types of applicator nose modules: the merge, the air-blow, and the tamp. If a plant manager purchases a core unit with a merge module, but finds that, over time, a tamp applicator better suits the types of projects his/her plant embarks upon, there is typically no need for the additional capital expenditure of a core unit. Simply discussing any changing needs with the distributor or manufacturer will allow them to assist in choosing a nose module which will accomplish the tasks at hand. The 360a’s versatility makes it simple to accommodate changing needs.

But when considering the initial purchase, how does a plant manager know which type of applicator to choose? CTM conducts a site survey which gives the sales support staff a comprehensive overview of a site’s project load, specific labeling needs, and work environment. This allows the manufacturer to make decisions regarding the exact configuration of the labeling system needed at each specific work site. CTM’s commitment to versatility ensures that no matter the requirements of a specific plant, a labeling system can be manufactured to get the job done.

If you have more questions about the product offering available to you, or want to know more about how CTM’s versatile 360a Series Label Applicator can integrate into your plant, please download our free guide. Having this information on hand will be a great help to you as you begin the process of inquiring about CTM’s product line.

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