Blind Man’s Bluff: Ignoring Product Labeling Samples Gets Expensive

As a kid, ever play blind man’s bluff?

It’s a lot like tag, but you can’t see a thing. You’re blindfolded in a field, scrambling like crazy as every kid on the block screams your name, taunting you to tag them out. Blindly waving your arms like a madman, you fumble, trip over a lawn chair, fall flat on your face.

Sound fun? In many ways, it can be a lot like buying a labeling system without first providing a proper product sample.  It hurts right in the pocketbook. Read more

make sure you're getting the right labeling machine

Get The Right Labeling Machine for Your Business

Buying the wrong labeling machine can keep your business from reaching the next level and leave you wondering “What the world am I going to do with this?”

Many of our customers come to us in this very predicament. They didn’t purchase the right label applicator for job, resulting in downtime and a need for high-speed capabilities. 

So, how do you go about the process of finding the right labeling machine for your business needs? Whether you’re looking for top and bottom labeling, a bottle labeler or simply need to add a barcode to your packaged products, we can help! Read more

Why Reinvent the Wheel? The Cost Benefits of 3rd Party Labeling


The beauty of white labeling, as well as the spirit of white labeling found in using third-party development for your labeling systems, is integrating somebody else’s technology so you can get rolling with a solution that already works.


Nowadays, a wheel seems like a pretty simple solution: it rolls, you go. But once upon a time, even the wheel was just a barebones concept that required endless experiment and failure to successfully work.

Read more