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NOW CE APPROVED! 360a Series Applicator and 3600 Series Printer Applicator

Applicator Accessories

The CTM Continuous Feed Dua

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CD DVD Labeling Systems
CD/DVD Spine Labeling Systems
Integrate into existing CD/DVD packaging systems
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Custom Labeling Systems

At CTM Labeling Systems, not only do we manufacture

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Label Applicators

Our selection of CTM Labeling Applicators includes the 360

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Mounting Stands

CTM has attained an industry wide reputation for superior

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Print and Apply Label Applicators

Our selection of CTM PA’s - Printer Applicators, includes

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Semi-Automatic Labeling Systems
Tabletop Workstations
Syringe / Vial Labelers
Labeling speeds upto 50 PPM
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Standard Labeling Systems

Standard Labeling systems include but are not limited to:

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